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Well im gonna sound like a prostitute..but, i dont care its free game. Ladies stop fucking millionaires for free…I give a rats ass if they are Wayne..Jay-Z or whoever…IT MAKES NO SENSE…Here you are a young chick who probably borrowed your friends dress and gas money to get to where these rapperletes are..Then you drink their already free liquor (compliments of the club) and they take you back to their hotel (compliments of the promoter) fuck the hell out of you THEN you have to call your “bff” to come pick your ass up….Ive heard this story a million times by different bitches..HE is NOT going to call you! And if he does its only to fuck you when he slides through your city…DELUSIONAL masses of young females thinking they are going to get wifed by these niggas…HILARIOUS! I dont understand who sold this fairy tale story? Kobes’s wife Vanessa? Well why did she leave out the whole my nigga raped a bitch story? I mean who the fuck wants to deal with that shit? Im sorry but the song “one night only” from DREAMgirls best defines what happens to thousands of groupies every day…Im not passing judgement if you like having sex with everyone by all means Carry on…But be smart, get SOMETHING out of it..If it aint nothing but room service…order all the mimosa’s, pillows n Fiji you can and take that shit home with you! Some many “all i got was this lousy t-shirt” chicks running around…These men spend thousands of dollars on things that intrest them..Well gosh darnit why not you too? I mean lets think back since the beggining of time men have paid for women in DOWRY to a brides parents..Its not the same but its not quite that different..This man is going to use your body as as a service…A means of gratification…This is not to say that a woman isnt going to enjoy herself but, if you are never going to be called again…GET SOMETHING! Now maybe im being bias because I dont deal with millionaires…But the few I encountered lets just say I atleast got a fukkin meal…There is no way in the WORLD i could ever see myself thinking some raplete would take me serious at this point in my life..Im a stripper..thats not to high on the “wife her” category..And to be quite honest men get on my damn nerves! I love and hate yall at the same time..But enough about me the focus is young women…PLEASE STOP BEING VICTIMS…quit giving these jerks reasons to call us hoes and bitches..I bet a man would think twice about a female he gave 5 or 10 thousand to…Moral of this rant is to promote making these million dollar men work for the pussy…Stop being so anxious to let them fuck you….It only last a few minutes…but ur rent paid lasts atleast one month LOL