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I love being an adult entertainer….dubbed an “performing arts specialist” by my friend Kapri Styles(google her) was one of my more refining moments…ha! None the less I look at my career choice as any other level headed hard working woman would. I give it my all and attempt to present a package at my work environment;one of which i can be proud of….This is why I am so ready to slap the fuck out of a bitch that comes to my job and picks my hard earned money up off the floor! Its bad enough i deal with the harsh realities of my job day end and out…Realities that i am dancing naked for money…being objectified and degraded at the expense of someone else’s pleasure. My damn feet feeling like i been working hard in cotton fields all damn day..Etc etc etc but seriously that is some trifling ass antics some of you other chics pull… I guess what most bothers me are these few little issues…First of all, most women who are not strippers come into a club judging the dancers..Looking at them all sideways n they just left a revival and the nasty sluts are gonna cough on them..I just laugh cause trust me bitch i probably don’t wanna touch you either…. My other issue is the reason these chics are in there..Look i understand you are trying to find a nigga just like I am difference is im trying to get paid and you are attempting to find a boo…I believe at that present time my plight is greater cause i am NOT trying to get with “random guy” im trying to get “random guy” to shoot me some bread..So you can save the drama of acting to “good” to get a dance but not too prideful to stash ones in your purse or even better pick them up off of the ground. Im thinking to myself even before I was a stripper I never did no shit like that..Id ask the guy for money before i took out of someone else’s mouth… Also furthermore not understanding how exactly does a chick come to the strip club to meet men then be offended when the man isnt showing her any attention..UMMMMM HELLO its a naked chick in his face get a grip bitch…If someone was shaking a steak in my face I definitely would not notice anything else going on myself… oh, and just to shed a little light the avg stripper makes about $50,000 a year so while most of you females come to a strip club turning your nose up and shit…Think about that the next time you go cash your check and decide to look at anotherwoman so damn crazy..I really have no answer to this no solution…I just say go to a strip club to have fun and leave the money on the floor or if a guy hands you money utilize it on the stripper…ugh how sad you cant ask can u have it….ur hiding that shit all willy nilly. I think that the whole regular chick versus stripper chick beef has to stop..We can all work together for a common goal..”mens happiness”…Oh yes and this must also be addressed…Young video chicks STOP BEEFING with entertainers cause yall really look foolish…Unless you are getting paid thousands of dollars solely on ur modeling career imma need you to stop having a problem with strippers…Do you really think what you do is any different? Oh lemmee guess cause you are on tv?  LMAO! bitch no one gives a rats ass….These sad ass rappers aren’t barely even paying chicks to be in videos these days..I have seen a many chicks come into the strip club and act and look like they are being disgusted and forced to be there…I don’t know if you are being forced but if not leave…You that bad of a bitch make the nigga leave…I don’t understand why exactly any woman would necessarily have a problem with a stripper..I could understand maybe not wanting to be and actual entertainer but as far as having an unjustified bias…im not comprehending. This is just a view of mine…not meant to hurt any feelings just something I see that should be addressed…

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