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Much like this stripper pictured in this Cartoon most strippers are viewed as the scum of the earth….The nasty moral less souls who for money will do anything totally disregarding the fact that these are daughters, mothers, sisters, aunts hell tax payers, voters and future nurses and doctors… In fact, alot of strippers are some of the very people you run into throughout the day. I’m not exactly sure where this negative stigma actually derived from but I’m sure it had something to do with some married woman somewhere whose husband blew through their savings, coming home late at night…I assume it was a woman, but it very well could have been the husband who dismissed his vows and decided that he needed to blame the ”whore” for ruining his household. I have no idea,  but its no secret that strippers are known for being promiscuous, selling pussy. I don’t believe there is an actual handbook that says this but in my professional opinion I would say these things are true.  I would also say in my opinion an expertise as being a woman MOST PEOPLE are hoes… I hate to say it but most strippers aren’t fcuking everyone because they are money motivated…Whereas I have associates who fcuk any and everyone for reasons such as “hes cute” or “he has money”… I don’t hang with too many strippers for my own reason, mostly I just don’t want too..But those whom I do engage with usually are mothers who have boyfriends and dont mention anything about sleeping around. I totally understand the negative stigma attached to the word stripper, I don’t understand the stereotype. For that matter probably never will but hey whoa is life.  In my general opinion I think everyone is a hoe or has been. I really don’t have an opinion about sleeping around other than use protection and be cautious of the emotional effects. I guess what i’m trying to say is that I hope people can stop looking at strippers as automatic prostitutes and give credit where its due…Strippers are adult entertainers, we provide a service hopefully to make someones day a little brighter more fun..I definitely am not saying sex can not be a part of this situation.However how many teachers have had sex with students, bosses with employees…SEX IS A PART OF LIFE…I hope I can shed a lil light on this matter. Let it be known not all strippers have sex for money or sleep with everyone, a lot of us just like our job and the money we make just shaking what our momma gave us.