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So umm err uh, this past weekend a yellow Maserati pulls up with Dallas Maverick star Shawn Marion…As soon as I realized who it was I was like well time to pack it up,  let me go on home this man is not about to spend not one singletary dolla… Well atleast on a stripper…Which im even more concerned as to why he brought his ass into Onyx a BLACK STRIP CLUB knowing damn well he likes only other or girls so light skinned you think they are other…He has a little of that Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson complex going on….{xxclusive blog post about that COMING SOON!} I even on twitter saw Shawn Marion tweeting Maliah Michel (drakes girlfriend n video vixen) that he was going to come to the strip club she works at {DREAMS} and tip her. Do you know I saw him tip her like $200??!! LIKE THAT WAS SOME BIG MONEY!  So why do I pick on Shawn Marion? Who, I think once tipped me $20 dollars when he realized I was the girl who ate at his house like 4 years ago…. Because im so FUKKIN TIRED of men coming to strip clubs watching t.v and playing pool..drinking drinks, hollerin at girls and doing every got damn thing else other than contributing to the monetary gain of the dancers. Im especially tired of MILLIONAIRES,  coming into adult establishments sitting around with their groupies(these are men and women alike) looking at us dancers like trash and not tipping, getting a dance or anything… I can name a few other celebs like rapper Slim Thug who is infamous in the strip club community for not tipping girls.. There are sports bars, pool halls, restaurants and all other kinds of fine establishments  where men or women who chose to just sit around and do nothing can go and find some form of entertainment. But, they bring there asses into the STRIPCLUB completely aware of the fact that they will not be an active participant. Why, who can answer this question for me? I’m completely at my wits end here because I damn sure dont go to a restaurant and sit there and not order…If  I don’t like the menu I leave…So for all you men who do this crazy behavior STOP IT! If you already in your mind, know that your not going to spend any money go somewhere else..Hell I dont care where shit go home…I hear so many of you say I dont get dances cause my wife is fine or getting dances makes me wanna have sex….UMMMMM kind sir, so again why in THEE HELL are you here? I’m pretty sure im not going to get an answer but im putting Mr.Marion on blast as a huge NON TPPER!