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Pictured above, is the beautiful Lindsay Lohan.  Actress, train wreck, singer did I mention train wreck? Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail earlier and that sentence has now been reduced to 14 days. Most people who have been to jail (cough) know that you don’t usually end up serving your entire time. Isn’t Wayne expected to be released in November? Anyways, I’m not so sure what the whole fuss was about anyway! I thought Lindsay was a homosexual, wouldn’t jail be a paradise or pleasure party in the least?

All jokes aside her estranged father was in attendance when she turned herself in according to I really hope that she is able to bounce back from this, perhaps get involved with a rehab or program to get her life back on track. She is one of my  favorite actresses I hope this is an upward spiral for her and not the beginning of a horrendous future…

Being in the NFL is a pretty tough job, but I think dating the crazy Omarosa on her new quest for love show Ultimate Merger could be a little bit more tedious. Former Arizona Cardinal player and now contestant on Tv Ones Ultimate Merger with Omarosa is none other than Isaac Keys. The sexy single hails from St Louis, Missouri. When mentioning to a friend of mine about Isaac, she had this to say… “Isaac is very sweet and forthcoming, he’s the kind of guy you could do anything with.Hes got that sexy body and the smoothest skin. He also has some great dick!” LMAO I was totally surprised by this good dick report she gave me because I didn’t even knew she had talked to Isaac like that back in the day. (I used to live in Phoenix in 2006) So needless to say if Omarosa gets some of that good dick she may just chose Isaac to merge with or atleast get some from him she should be pretty content.

Unless you were in rehab or under a rock, you might have noticed that NFL star Chad “child please” Johnson had a dating show air on VH1 last night. To my surprise in the beginning of the show there were 85 girls. You ask what my surprise is, it’s the fact these are women. Thats neither here nor there, because im deeply more concerned with out of these 85 women; there were 17 women chose 15 of which were either white or spanish. The remaining two girls were of negroe descent one who had remnants of a micro braid lace front…(ewwww). Now my inside sources have revealed to me one of the girls who was cut was none other than porn star Kapri Styles. Who I was also told was offered $$$$ by Mr.Johnson to sleep with him during the casting. Whether she did or did not we would have to ask her or Mr.Johnson. Now if you remember a few months ago Chad was running around bouncing checks to groupies across the US. Now I asked him on twitter what the deal was and basically his answer was that he put a stop payment on the check. I guess my problem isn’t with him having buyers remorse lol but, anyone accepting a check as a form of payment for “services” rendered. Back to the show because thats a whole other topic. So im told that for two days he had these 85 girls locked up in rooms not allowed to go out and the day of the taping drug them to a football arena early in the morning where he made them run and etc. Now, I dont know about you but I wouldn’t have been running anywhere. So then, he began cuts where he cut ALL the black girls but the producers intervened and thats when he chose the two black females who remained. Now, I dont want to say he doesn’t like black women because his children are pretty black looking to me. Im just thinking Chad may be one of the men who thinks black women are good enough to fuvk but not good enough to wife. If this is his way of thinking im truly saddened for his daughter. What is that teaching her?. I guess, he buys pussy with checks, from black women but will date and be seen around with a white(non-black) woman. Im so lost and so angry but heres a deeper issue I have I think Chad isn’t even really straight. He’s always twit-picing pics of womens shoes and accessories. Well let me just say this, that was one of the few things I picked up about him I felt was suspect…THEN, I get an anonymous tip that he used to mess with a tranny named Roxy?!?! I don’t know if thats true but I don’t put anything past anyone. So ummm all in all good luck with your show lol.