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Trae Tha Truth..Cant Ban the Truth

Yes, the heavily anticipated album is here, Cant Ban The Truth was released today. The Houston rapper is definitely still standing after the a few setbacks… He currently is dealing with the ban Radio One has placed on his music, after a personal beef with a radio personality from 97.9 the Box in Houston. He also is notoriously known as punching rapper Mike Jones during the Ozone awards a couple years ago. The controversial rapper allowed me the opportunity to interview him a few weeks before the release of his album. I left this conversation with, some advice and knowledge applicable to my own life outside of music.
The heartfelt, yet true to the “streets” album contains collabs with other artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Gudda Gudda, Bryan Angel of Day 26 Young Turk and the late great Pimp C. It even includes an interlude of Pimp C’s mother, defending Trae. On a lighter note it features comedian Lil Duval who has also worked with him on Tare’s cartoon. The Adventures of Trae Tha Tuth. During the interview he mentioned his non profit organizations Angels By Nature.  Each track provides a deep look into Trae the man versus Trae the rapper, or perhaps they are one in the same, rare.
This is a great album I recommend you all to get it. I hope that  Trae cant gain the support he needs to move beyond this ban on his music and gain the recognition he deserves as a true artist whose music needs to be heard. I leave you with the video “What It Is” which definitely describes this album. No Punchlines, no gimmicks a true look into the mind and heart of a genuine artist.


Well, as you all know…Bishop Eddie Long is up to 4 accusers now. 4 men alleging that he “touched them sexually”…I don’t know about you but that’s terrible if in fact that did occur. However, the Bishop is a man and not Christ his self so lets not be made into believing we as people aren’t capable of making mistakes or “falling short”… But as in this youtube clip I found I’m pretty sure the Bishop did not agree with homosexuality…So if he was digging in young boys booty holes, how HILARIOUS! See, I try to tell these young girls STOP chasing these RAPLETES and get up on these preachers! As, much money as the Bishop had id be going down Peachtree finding young men for him to dick down. Men, who would keep their mouth shut. Not any Kats Stacks defame and exploit types…

So the kids these days, images are surrounded by nothing but drug abusers… T.I. and Lindsay getting on moon trips, why not everyone else. Even Kid Cudi admitted he does bumps to make it through the day…Hell, i need one to make it through his album…LOL..But seriously, drug abuse clearly is present in the industry even Soulja Boys boo thang or possible baby mama says he was hitting that white candy…I’m not saying Bruno had Bobby or Whitney I’m just saying he was arrested this morning on suspicion of drug possession…See he should of have just got some pussy and kept it moving.


Dallas rapper Tum Tum returns with heavenly weed inspired, Purp Kobain… The mixtape mixed by DJ Q and designed by @danielgotskillz(twitter) was released this past weekend and is making waves. I had the pleasure of interviewing the rapper while he was in the studio. I must say that he is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Tum told me the inspiration behind the mixtape was to give his fans some good music, being that he hadn’t dropped anything in a while. Some of his favorite tracks off the album are “Award Winning”, “Cannibus Club”, and “Smoke Piff”. I must admit I like “Award Winning” its got a great stripper vibe and its about pussy…Gotta Love it! Give it a listen!

TUM TUM – Award Winning

Some  of the featured artists and producers off the album are Play N Skillz, Transformerz, Cardo, Lil Wil, Lil Tony, DSR and more. Tum mentioned that he is DOWN with the strippers :) that he doesn’t go to strip clubs here in Dallas, because he might see his cousins LMAO. Although, he does like Pink Monkey in Austin and Miami strip clubs (who doesn’t). Hes planning on shooting a video for Cannibus Club and Award winning. When asked who he’d like to do future collabs with he told me Snoop, I have a feeling that track would make you high listening to it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the mixtape and encourage everyone to go download at Id like to thank Tum for allowing me the opportunity to come harass him and ladies, he IS single so go get up on the music and him….

Ah ha! See, its amazing what a little just pleading your case can do…No matter how stupid it may seem to others, always like N.W.A said “express yourself”. If you are any kind of follower of www.SandraRose.comyou saw a post she had linked from her site to mine where I called out various wealthy club patrons for there lack of tipping. One of the patrons was rapper, Slim Thug. Here’s an update to that story. Since our twitter discussion, I have been informed he tipped video vixen/adult entertainer Maliah and during my girl Asia B party at Platinum City this past Sunday.

I’m not exactly sure what caused him to change his mind but i’m proud of him! Furthermore, I also think its pretty Gangsta of him to throw Rick Rozay CD out the sunroof. He did this after the Dunkin Donut Po-Po, has some disparaging little sneak diss towards Slim Thug. Umm sir, Mr.Rozay, Mr.Hoover, Mr.Correctional Officer sir or whoever you think you are today…Figure out who you are first before you go around dissing people.

Speaking of figuring out, GOT DAMN Slim Thug has dropped the weight and cut his hair and I must say he looks kinda good…But enough nut hugging, here is his new song with one of my favorite Texas Rappers Z-Ro… yall check it out! Lets give a strippa ass clap to Slim Thug for being a reformed tipper!