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Rapper TCuz

Sooooo I thoroughly entertained my self last night on twitter! My fellow blogger, www.blogonblast.comfound out that a local rapper in the Dallas area named T-Cuz was doing gay porn. He had this prior knowledge for a while but didn’t want to expose the rapper. The rapper of whom myself and Blogonblast contacted, knew that we had threatened to blog about the situation. He had a nonchalant disposition, therefore we remained silent. Well, the shit hit the fan when notable Dallas DJ, DJ Drop exposed him via Twitter because he said TCuz dis respected him. Well as far as evidence goes I have seen the video, TCuz says that the video was “digitally enhanced”. hahahahahahahahahahhahaha! Seriously? Don’t insult my intelligence, only high budget films can afford to do that. Furthermore, who is he for a video company who could be sued for such actions, to do that to?

Well just like in all great coon action, the city of Dallas continued to talk trash for hours. Enough so, that TCuz became a trending topic LOL. There is no need for him to deny these allegations I have seen the actual video. Like I mentioned to him, its nothing to be ashamed of he has a very large penis and actually put it some good work…I think my problem is that he denies it so adamantly. Steady saying “im not gay”…Yes you’re right you are not gay but you did have your penis in another mans mouth.My personal take is, its your life do as you please but stop living this lie and portraying an image you are NOT… But then again that’s the rap game these days..pure fantasy.

L.C., Crucial Entertainment Artist from Baton Rouge

In “Jigga City” aka Baton Rouge, Louisiana when you mention L.C. people usually refer to him as “The KING of the Strip Club”. But more than just a big tipper, this artist is making waves with his sound. Signed with Crucial Entertainment, L.C. has released two new singles “Im A Freak” and “Porn Star”. Best Known for the Regional hit “Hardest Nigga ft Nussie. The Baton Rouge artist looks to transform from just another rapper to one of the heavy hitters in the game. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook. 


Awww isn’t that sweet, two strange people got married. Well, him more so than her. Married in India where they met the two had a private ceremony this past weekend. Its said the Katy BFF, Rhianna was unable to attend due to her preparing for her album release. However, she did throw Katy a bachelorette party. I’m not sure what that consisted of but I’m sure it was boring lol. Well in a world full of failed marriages (divorce rate in America  is the highest in the World) its good to see people take that leap of faith. I wish them nothing but the best!

SPYDA aka @IAMSPYDA on Twitter

Just in case you were thinking most strippers just shake their ass and pose like sum hoe did me in Miami..UGH! They do not! There are very talented strippers, some of my faves are Spyda, Whyte Chocolate (who is in retirement married to some Chiefs player) Ms Damn (her website coming soon, Gigi Maguire, Magic, actually being that im a fan of gorgeous women I could name women all day but ill stop there… But I give you an xxclusive look at Spyda who dances across the country Miami( KOD), Atlanta (Magic City) and Phoenix (Panteras) Check out my feature Strippa Spyda doin her thing!