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Im here to help (please note…I do not date Ballers so this advice may not produce accurate results)

1. Be Clean…I’m pretty sure most people (Ballers) want you not to smell like week old  cabbage…Now I know your thinking, that’s common sense. But, CLEARLY it’s not one of the most notorious hoes in Dallas has the smelliest p*ssy in the world.

2.Have Patience…You must realize, that a Baller has a lot of people to talk to. Aleast 2 baby mommas, his momma, his agent, his lawyer, 2 side-pieces, his wife or real girlfriend, his b*tch boy (the homie who runs his errands), the possibility of you and countless other women he gave his # too. Learn to accept and cherish the little time your given. 

3.Save the Drama… He does not want to hear about how your homegirl got to drunk to drive…Or that you used to talk to other ballers…Or that your car is being repoed… That your sitter can’t watch your kid…Or more importantly, how you “never did this before”. Just do it, like Nike get to it.

4.Bring Some Money… Please note, a lot of Ballers are fakers and get most of their money taken by baby momma and Sallie Mae so DONT assume hes super rich and you can leave your pocket book (purse) at home…BE MORE CAREFUL…

5.Look the Part… Real BALLERS pay attention to what women are wearing. See, they have wives, mothers, girlfriends who buy expensive shit all day.So the baller knows if you have on Forever 21 everything…You don’t really think you’re gonning to catch a man in Gucci shoes with jellies on do you? Save some $ buy a good purse, shoes and great dress.. NO CHEAP SHIT

6.NO THIRST…When you meet a Baller, he’s usually with other Ballers. DO NOT  act overly excited to be there. Pretend like this is NOT your first rodeo. Playing hard to get just a little always intrigues a man who, constantly gets snatch thrown…But don’t over do it, this man is used to getting what he wants so he’ll lose interest if you are doing too much or to little.

7.DONT BE DUMB… Do NOT let this man fcuk you cause hes a Baller…I don’t care if hes the finest thing you have ever seen. Unless he just drops major cash on you, Ballers have been known to get to the Galleria and purchase purses, shoes and jewelry during events like this. If your Baller buys you FOOD that does not count…

8.Watch Your Friends…Don’t let your friends steal your joy.If your mission is to meet a Baller and have a good time, make sure that’s your friends mission as well. Don’t bring Bessie from Bible study if she not ready to get down. There will subsequently be problems, she will be unadventurous and possibly put your business in the streets. Have other girls around, you can trust and who have the same goals as you.

9.Watch His Ass… Don’t let him set you up for the okie doke…If he says he is going to do something, make sure he does. The first minute you let him get away with lying, disrespecting you or anything he will continue to do so. Nip it in the bud or leave him alone.Don’t get bamboozeled, these fellas know you will be looking for them. So, he will attempt to use you for the least. *side-note* if you decide to have sex with Baller, bring condoms these men are known for trying to have sex with women without protection.

10.Have Fun… Make the most of your time, if you meet a Baller go with them to the club, save your money. Drink the liquor, eat the food and for the love of Kat Stacks don’t just get used!

No matter how much money you have, nothing should feel as good to Oprah than to have learned she has more family.  On her show the other day she revealed she had a half sister, Patricia. The shocking show created her best ratings in six years. Patricia, was given up by Oprah’s mother when she was just 9 years old.

I was happy to learn that Patricia had known for sometime that Oprah was her sister and not once sold the story to tabloids or press. That’s commendable because I’m pretty sure I would have jumped all over that.

That’s a pretty special feeling, I remembered learning I had a younger sister when I was either 12 or 13. To this day, I have a love for my little sister that Idon’t have with my other sisters. Well congrats to Oprah, she now has more family to show her love to.


My favorite Baton Rouge rapper other than Boosie is back with a new hit, MY ROSCOE…The song features artist Sam I am. This song is sweeping the airwaves in Louisiana and is quickly being a hometown favorite…I love it! Hopefully, you will to give it a listen!

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Jesse James and Kat Von D


 I don’t know whether to vomit or congrats! I’m pretty sure Sandra Bullock has the same feelings…Like I just knew this was a fling, why would Kat be with this creep?  Or is he just trying to get even since Sandra is now with Ryan Reynolds doing the nasty. I thought  Jesse was a racist and isn’t Kat, Spanish? I’m so confused about all of this but all in all I guess love comes in many forms…SMH

Olivia Wilde in Marchesa

Stunning in a strapless chocolate brown embroidered Marchesa ballgown, Christian Louboutin shoes. The shoes, also seen worn by Khloe Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry as well retail for about $3500. LAWD!

Louboutin Bridgets Back Spiked

I think she was the star of the 2011 Golden Globes and everything for the make-up to hair was CERTIFIED…

Now lets discuss ms Hallllllllllle Berrrrrrrrrrrrrry!

Halle Berry

I hate this look the dress is Nina Ricci, which reminds me of 2001. Halle is gorgeous but this look was trashy and tacky looking to me… She wasn’t the WORST dressed but since i expect sooo much from Halle Berry she was the worst to me LOL.

Emmett Till, was quite possibly one of the largest and notably highlighted cases of racism in the 1950′s. If you know nothing of the story I beg you to watch the video and learn something new. Its amazing to me that only 40 years ago it was illegal for blacks and whites to mingle together. People like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks and countless others who died fighting for equal rights, should be remembered everyday. I’m able to write this blog because of all of those people. As a black woman I’m thankful for the actions my parents, grandparents and ancestors took to give me such freedom today. I hope everyone takes time out their day to reflect on the blessings we each have and do what we can to stop racism even today.

2011 Shades Collection ft actress Lashontae Heckard

YESSSSSSS Hunni! Check out the prettyful, fashion forward designs of Dallas designer Jamie Dionne. You can check out all her pieces on her website, … So all my fashionistas make sure you check out the site and get a pair of shades to wear very soon!

NETWORKS 2011 Jamie Dionne Collection

Kanye and Jay eating ham

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Soooo as if goin ham is a new term, Kanye and Jay-Z give you a single off the forth coming album, Watch the Throne. Produced by Lex Luger the beat is rather strange and appears to have samples from a demonic choir lol. The song already surrounds controversy due to the fact, its said Jay-Z disses Cash Money CEO Baby.

Isn’t Jay-Z 40+, so is 40′s the 20′s? Why doesn’t he just sit down and do boss shit all day? I don’t mind him making music but really, must you repeat what we already know? We know you ballin sir! The song itself is ok to me. Im not sure exactly who their target audience is but im sure it CANT be old hip hop heads…You know, other 40 year old men aka LOST BOYS stuck in Never,Never land. Because, truly they need to be somewhere focusing their chi on a 401k.

Blah! Heres the song from the beloved Kanye, who keeps attempting to get love from white people. Which he LOST due to his foolishness snatching a mic from a child none the less. BAD KANYE!

Sandra and Scarlett...Kiss n Make-up already!

Sooooo Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds got divorced and then Sandra Bullock came in like a cougar in the night and snagged her ex… Well hmmm, this picture above is from the MTV awards. So you know I have a very plausible theory. Its no secret Hollywood is full of craziness, so I think they were MINAJIN (that’s menage e trois slang) . When Ryan was like damn Sandra put it on me and got more money. LOL I’m so full of theories but sounds pretty possible though.

I feel bad for poor Scarlett, and its been reported that she isn’t to happy about the coupling of Ryan and Sandra. I feel her pain, it hurts when you see your ex with someone you know personally. I’m pretty sure she will bounce back in no time with another super hot dude.So keep the faith mama! Don’t let them ever see you sweat… If she really was spiteful she would hit on that dreadful Jesse James. Ewww ok maybe not.

But an even better ending would be if we could go back to this picture and all just kiss and make up.