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So I hear things heated up for Nelly and Kelly on the set for the new video, GONE… I could just deep down hate Ashanti, or just really want Nelly to settle down but either way I like this look…I don’t know how well an Aquarius and Scorpio would work out..But, from my secret sources I hear NELLY puts it all the way down.. And, if I know anything about an Aquarius they are freaky themselves lol. I mean, Nelly you are 36 its time to wrap it up B and if your going to keep playing hide and seek with Ashanti can you just STOP and be with Kelly…

I know for a FACT someone from Nelly’s camp reads my blog so “_______” can you tell him that I want this in 2011. I want Kelly and Nelly to be together or in the least, exchange FCUK faces…


Well, someone feels exactly how I do about stripping. This definitely describes today’s urban strip club scene. Girls are leaving their respectable 9-5 and coming to the strip club to make ends meet.

Just a little insight into the world that is judged to harshly… This was recommended to me by @steenfox on Twitter… See more of Loany G work at


First of all let me be clear, I am in no way offering advice on how to keep him if hes not interested…My momma taught me at a young age, people like it or they don’t. But, a lot of times we find ourselves chasing men. My motto is one taken from the book of Jeezy, “I chase nothing but money and vodka”. Here are some sure fire ways to tell if your man’s interest is elsewhere.

1. LACK OF COMMUNICATION – If you find yourself constantly calling, texting and e-mailing your friend and they are NOT returning your calls and or messages…PLEASE TAKE A HINT. This man is using you when he is ready. It might not even be a booty call. He can just like your company, but if its not consistent, he doesn’t want much from you but, the little time when he wants it. CUT him off!

2.3am -5am CHICKS  – See, a woman’s role here is that she has sex with dude when he calls her after the club. You know, the guy you only see on the weekend late at night. I mean, I guess its a new age and you can only have sex partners, but why? Over time someone will develop feelings and want more out of the situation. Usually the female. Don’t even start out any type of relationship like this. The man is already used to you being there ready for him, he will expect that at all times. HONESTLY I don’t see why any chick would go for this. CLEARLY hes just using you for sex…

3. YOU HAVENT MET ANY OF HIS PEOPLE – Like for real? Not even his homie from the gym? You are a secret for some reason…Whether it be a girlfriend or wife. Hell these men will try to get over. But usually, if it’s just simply you remain an unknown figure in his life. More than likely, it’s because he doesn’t feel as though you are the one. Why introduce you to everyone, when hes hoping to replace you?

4.SEX GAME HAS CHANGED- Ok that’s even a relationship sign that things have changed. So if you are just having a sexual fling with someone in hopes the direction will change. Well, its time to buy a vibrator. If you and they guy your messing with stop having sex as much, that’s pretty much a rap. If your situation is mostly based around sex, if the sex stops what else is to keep it goin?

5.HE WONT HELP YOU - To me being able to count on someone regardless of their role in your life, is a major issue. Often times I hear stories where women have lights, phones etc cut off and their guy friend wont help them. WHAT THE F*CK? Here you are giving time , energy your body to someone and they cant help you. And, it doesn’t have to be financially. Maybe, you need help moving or washing your car. If he cant get off his ass and offer assistance he CLEARLY doesn’t give a sh*t.

Ladies! Please, stop letting men use you up and take you on emotional rollercoasters. Once you notice he doesn’t want much from you. Let it go…