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Miley Cyrus Side-Eyeing you YOUTUBE hoes

hahahahaha! Miley Cyrus told The Daily Telegraph in Australia that she felt as though YOUTUBE sensations like Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber were over-rated… She goes on to say “It should be harder to be an artist. You shouldn’t just be able to put a song on YouTube and go out on tour,”. Honestly, she has a point but lets be honest I’m pretty sure she didn’t have a hard time making it in the music industry.

I’m a little taken back by her because I actually had a lot of respect for Miley. Seems as though maybe she is just trying to find herself. Recent reports of her bong smoking is making her a prime target for scrutiny.

I really hope her tour goes well but critcizing Bieber could definetely make a few die hard fans not want to see her in concert.


Jalen Rose Mugshot

Apparently Mr.Rose was arrested on March 11th in Michigan. The former Fab 5 player was in Detroit at the time to open up his charter school. Now I understand that driving under the influence is terrible. I ask myself though, how drunk was he? At this time, his actual results have not been released.

All this only shortly after the whole Fab 5 documentary where Grant Hill got inside his feelings box. I mean really, this was like 20 years ago who cares if they called you an Uncle Tom? BLAH BLAH did I mention BLAH? People need to learn to let things go.

For the most part Jalen Rose hasbeen a pilar in his community hopefully this isn’t something that will directly affect his career. Below is a clip from a discussion about the Hill/Rose incident on ESPN.

Ms Applebottom 2011

When I think of Applebottom the clothing line, I think of hip-hop and the creator Nelly. Usually, when I see girls in this particular brand of clothing they are black. So I’m very curious as to why they chose a Latin model to be the face of his clothing brand. Perhaps that is the demographic that is buying it. I’m not sure.

I understand that we live in an era where whites, blacks etc are combined as one. But, with so little outlets for black women to be seen in today’s media I’m curious as to why the staff chose a girl who doesn’t reflect the creator. Sure she is very pretty and I’m guessing quite capable of being a spokesperson for the line. However, with Applebottoms considered to be a black brand why not a black spokes-model?

Maybe I’m digging to deep..This is an age where hopefully the best applicant is getting the job. But, I have to go back to idea of branding…Perhaps, they are trying to move the line out of specifically being labeled as a “black clothing line”… Either way congrats to to Ms.Jessenia Vice, who also won Ms.Kim Kardashian look alike a couple years ago…

Dez please pull em DOWN!

COME GET YOU SOME (my radio show with past weeks surprise guest, Dez Bryant is soooo fine. He recently was kicked out of Northpark Pall in Dallas. However he reported that, it wasn’t him who received the citation.

None the less, I saw him last night at Kinki lounge (shot out to Barry and Ron of Partychasers) where I spoke to him briefly. His pants were in fact pulled up. But hey I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t mind them pulled all the way down!!!

Possibly thinking the same thing were the groupies who surrounded him, but unlike many other NFL rookies. Dez, paid them no mind. I was impressed, I heard he had a fiancee, lucky her!

Welp sir, if your ever at my mall please feel free to do as you please…LOL..I kid!

Im just laughing hard as hell at Rick Ross part lol.Nicki Minaj has a nice litlle portion when she mentions pooh. Just watch…


Ultimately I find myself saying, “oh her, were not friends anymore.” Its so funny to me, how people can be in my life and I truly love and care for them. Then, months even years later I’m mentioning their name with a tone of disgust. Women, cant live with them cant live without them. Most often times than not, women are usually getting into it over men. Well, I never have had this problem. Mostly, I don’t give a sh*t, If that’s YOUR man that’s whose man it shall remain. I guess I’m pretty good at picking friends who don’t want my boo’s LOL. My problem is I think I’m too honest. I’m not the friend who is going to sugarcoat things and dress it up real pretty. You either like it or love it…Most don’t.

As women, we are in constant competition daily with other women. From the co-workers, to associates you see out. Even, other women the guy you talk to is also seeing. So why not, in your friendships you have competition? I will admit I get a little jealous when a friend gets a new car, or a better job etc. But that’s briefly, then like a real friend I’m happy for them and it makes me want to do better. But, here’s where MOST women fail. INSTEAD of wishing your friend well and striving to do better. You consume yourself with jealousy and begin to talk about them to your other friends. “oh her, well she only got that car because she was fukkin him.”

Instead of being happy for your friend, YOU have begun to create an inner jealousy and secretly await their downfall. Classic example of a fake friend. In all honesty if you don’t like certain aspects of your friend…Why are you even their friend? You should only hang around people with the same ideals, and goals as you. Otherwise, you will find yourself judging them or genuinely not caring about preserving the friendship.

I have friends that have been my friends since childhood. I also have friends that have been in my life shortly but I love them just as much.All my friends are my best friends. I will go to bat for anyone I consider a FRIEND…But one thing people must learn to separate are the REAL friends from REAL associates. If a person does not have your best interests at heart, they are NOT your friend.

I don’t have any kind of solution. I rather just wanted to give my perspective on this iffy word I see and hear so much. I laugh every time I see a group of girls out, who talk about each other behind their backs. Yet, are all in the club playing roles like they are down for one another. I really wish women would learn that we need to unite, the entire world is against. We would gain so much more by joining forces rather than being of opposing sides.

To all the girls who have and are good friends I salute you…Loving someone truly is a very hard job.

THE BEAUTIFUL ELIZABETH TAYLOR February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011

Not many actresses captured the heart of America like Elizabeth Taylor, a true American Film legend. The actress began her career as a child and it expanded into her making numerous box office hits and garnishing her 4 Academy Awards.

With heavy philanthropy work, family and career she also managed to release a perfume..I can not stand the smell of :( (blame old grannies) Any who this was truly a talented woman who exuded beauty,sophistication and inspiration for many…

You are an American Icon who will truly be missed…

This is one dumb witted hoe…She was really trying to pull the Bible out and stutter around the subject at hand..Is she drunk? Hold on, is she Sally Struthers? OK my bad off track. But honestly, you don’t have to condone homosexuality but you don’t have to pretend like it doesn’t exist.

She was on SNL if im not mistaken, i’m not too sure where this elderly lady came from. However, SNL is pretty risque as far as their material and i’m sure didn’t reflect every aspect of the Bible.

Seriously, this is one terribly bad attempt on her part to stay relevant and to bring some notoriety to the Tea Party. This is 2011 where networks like LOGO exist to give people understanding into the LGBT lifestyle. Your beliefs no matter what don’t condone intolerance and if it does perhaps you should re-evaluate what you put faith into…

Choose LOVE

(I know i’m not the only one who loved watching FAME as a kid.) This clip is taken from the interview before, he went Naomi Campbell on the girls, and lost his mind like Beyonce. Like all great DIVAS under pressure, Chris was unable to maintain his composure when asked questions about Rhianna.Shortly after these series of questions Chris jumped up and threw a chair inside the studio at a window.

I get it Chris! It was two years ago and you served your time, apologized in your Nation of Islam bow-tie. You THINK ,you have done enough but just because urban culture, or your peers rather, have moved on does not MEAN the rest of the world has.

Never in the hostory of niggadom has any black celeb went on Good Morning America and Spazzed… But Robin, the interviewer who has the same name,skin tone and hair style of Rhianna sent Mr.Brown into a rage.

It’s really sad because, over anything else it shows his violent nature is very present in him still…Where are the Jesse Jackson’s or Tavis Smiley’s to guide him and offer him constructive criticism? I heard some of his album and it sounds pretty good but I refuse to allow myself personally to contribute to such a a travesty.

If he doesnt get cast for Ru Pauls drag race next season, can someone please put this man in some kind of rehab…