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Looking to get over the problems with child obesity, Michelle Obama has put Beyonce in charge of the forefront. The “Move Ya Body”  campaign has started. All I’m gonna say is she looks amazing, and yasssssssss hit the Dougie in heels with high waisted shorts!!!!


Here it is! The wedding every woman dreams of…Prince Wiklliam and Kate Middleton’s wedding was beautiful! Everything was grand times two!

Katie's Dress Front and Back View

Just look at her dress, Done by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen…(may he rest in peace). Also, a wonderful mention is her sister Pippa who also wore Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen…

Pippa and the Flower Girls

Not the one to let a fashion moment for history go down without a fight, Victoria Beckham. Paired with a dress from her own forthcoming line and very sexy Chriatian Louboutin shoes. Of course the oh so sexy David accompanied her.. Hes wearing Ralph Lauren…



No I’m not talking about letting your boo nut all over your face after getting drunk off Vodka!  I’m talking about a natural face toner! That opening sentence was live huh? Any who any girl needs a great face regimen and why not use a few left over things probably collecting dust. Well, I don’t know about you but other than some Double-mint gum I have no Mint laying around.


  • Cucumber
  • Mint
  • Sparkling Water
  • Vodka


First blend peeled cucumber and mint in a food processor, and then add one cup of sparkling water and one cup of vodka. Apply using a cotton ball and rinse!

With Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding tomorrow. I decided to take a look back at Prince Williams mother, Princess Diana. I remember it being one of the most anticipated events just like her son’s is. An expected 1 billion ppl are going to be tuned in, to watch the vows take place. The place of location is the Westminster Abbey.

I love that Princess Diana broke tradition and did not say that whole dumb ass part “promise to obey”. May she rest in peace and hopefully you will be tuned in like me to see them get married. Added is a clip from Princess Diana’s wedding, its the beggining and it shows her beautiful

Angelina Jolie $10M Louis Vuitton Contract

According to  E! Online

Angelina Jolie just signed a $10 million dollar contract to be the new face of Louis Vuitton. I’m totally excited for her because I think she is a refined and gorgeous woman. She would represent LV’s style and sophistication very well. The mother of 6 (yeah a whole tribe) who has an Academy Award as well as several SAG and Golden Globes, is a true hard worker. A philanthropist, and spokes-model for many organizations she will now be a the forefront of the fashion world.

Louis Vuitton Alma MM

Pictured is the Louis Vuitton Alma, which is one of the hottest bags of the season…Priced at $2250…a new arrival is the cream color.

Khloe "street walking" Kardashian

Dear Khloe,

I actually like you…Not the most, but more than Kim because I love that you are you 100%. I need to know however, what in sam hell made you put that outdated American Apparel shit on and run amock in the streets…AND THEN you have nerve to have yourself dressed like your best friend…Yall some grown ass women on some double mint twin type of fiasco.

Double Your Pleasure Double Your Fun

This picture I took from NECOLEBITCHIE.COM

Clearly shows how ridiculous they look. I’m wondering what was their goal to look like 2007? Ma’am you have entirely to much money to be allowing yourself to look like this…Your sister is a fashion icon, please seek her assistance. I truly think this is a cry for attention or something but in REAL LIFE people don’t do this. Other than the Loubs, yall are DEAD ASS WRONG. Someone please escort her to a stylist and a Staple Center seat.

LMAO! Aye yo, Just parked a liar in my living room WHOOP! KOD(that’s King of Diamonds) famous stripper Black Chyna, and her friend called out Rick Ross. Who, reportedly said he spent ONE MILLION DOLLARS on his birthday. Now, that just sounds like bull shit. No one believed this did they? See, this is my problem with Rick Ross. He is a good rapper but I need him to somewhat back up the shit he is saying. What would have been wrong with him spending a thousand? That’s believable! I’m guessing, that wasn’t good enough.

Talk about when keeping it real goes wrong….unh!

Serena "I got bars and brackets" Williams

Like seriously, if she hadn’t just had issues with her foot I would swear this lady was Wonder Woman. The sports phenom and business owner has recently began to work with B Major Music Group, in affiliation with Bryant Mckinnie of the Minnesota Vikings(CEO) .She is in the studio heavily, preparing for her debut. Most likely she is working on something for the annual Core DJs retreat being held in Miami May 6th-9th. Where, she is rumored to attend… Also rumored to attend is another fellow athlete Zab Juddah along with his record label.

Hahahahha I think this would make her the first female RAPLETE lol (she probably has got some skills didn’t she date one of the best rappers in the game, Common?!?!)

For more information on the Core DJs retreat log onto registration is supposed to close this Friday.

D.Tall Close To You

With a musical philosophy, if you don’t grind you wont shine. No wonder the Ohio native, now living in Dallas has made a name for his self.  With so many rappers and styles from Dallas emitting here are his own words describing his sound in such a saturated industry.

“I think I have my own lane in terms of the Dallas music scene. The music speaks for its self. I don’t make dance songs but I never knock the ones that do because music is music. The dance records go hard in the club. We have a lot of hot records in Dallas but not many hot albums. I want to be that Artist out of Dallas that you see on the Cypher on the BET Awards. When they do those cyphers, you see a Miami rapper like Ace Hood, you see a New York rapper like Juelz Santana, you see a Cali rapper like Tyga but you don’t see a Dallas rapper… yet. I can hold my own in that arena. Shout out to all the upcoming Artists, especially the Triple D Artists. Its’ a lot of talent in this city.”

In the near future he is set to realease a mixtape, Dirth South Armageddon Vol.17 as well as his own solo venture On My Own

Take a listen to his newest song currently getting radio spins… Close to you…

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