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Halle Berry

Celebrities of all sorts were present at the the American Fragrance Foundation’s FiFi awards in New York this past week. Halle Berry was inducted in to the Fifi Hall of Fame and her perfume also won for Best Fragrance with Broad Appeal. ( I’ve have smelt it, smells nice but not loud enough for my own personal taste)She wore a cut out dress from Halston’s Sping/Summer 2011 Runway and Christian Louboutin (Thats Red Bottoms for the ghetto) Anna sandals. I can only imagine how much that dress would run, but I will say this BeBe has a dress very similar in different colors.


Singer Fergie made a vibrant entrance in this Canary Yellow BCBG Max Azria gown. She took home a New Fragrance Celebrity Award for her Oustpoken perfume by Avon.

Mary J Blige

Mary J. Blige also won for Frangrance of the Year, Direct to Consumer. She tearfully accepted her award stating that “she put her all into this”. The Awrads is said to be like the “Oscars” of fragrance had a large celeb turn out. Among high for winners were Gucci and Victoria’s Secret. Currently, my favorite perfume is Bond No.9, Andy Warhol Union Square and


Beyonce Performing 1+1

While I love Beyonce, I do NOT stan for her. So, this is why I am on the late train to Paris on hearing this great song. I actually was on YouTube looking for something to yap about when I saw this. Of course she looked great, would you expect anything else? This song, is a very beautiful piece in my opinion and it gives you and old soul sound. I could hear Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack and Marvin Gaye all through this song.

Just the other day I had asked on Twitter, What happened to all the smooth R&B. I’m glad to hear that Beyonce had my answer. You can usually rely on her to provide one of those sensual, heartfelt ballads on her album.Hers is video from the performance.

“When the WORLD”S at WAR, let our LOVE HEAL us all”

According to multiple news sources the Grammy Award winning singer has entered rehab again. A rep for Winehouse is stating “so she will be ready for her summer tours in Eurpoe”. Ummm ok, who looks dumb here? CLEARLY, not the fans of her music. This lady is sick and if someone consitently has ongoing alcohol and drug abuse issues, it’s a lot deeper than that. How about instead of rehab, a psychiatric treatment facility.

Whatever pain she is enduring mentally, that allows her to numb her emotions needs immediate treatment. Many of the greatest music artists of the past have succumbed to drug abuse. Many of the people who don’t die from that often result in suicide. Winehouse reminds me a lot of Phyllis Hyman.

I wish nothing but the best for her in hopes that she is able to overcome these mental obstacles. So that, she is able to make music but most importantly live life happily.

I leave you with one of my favorite songs, Back to Black… Clearly this is where she is at right now.

STAY strong NEVER give up HOPE…

Justin and Olivia..SAY IT AINT SO

One one my favorite singers, Justin Timberlake was just spotted out recently with actress Olivia Wilde. The Paparazzi were on their every move recently as they were spotted all over Hollywood. Then Like a thief in the night, actor Bradley Cooper has been seen with Olivia Wilde for the past few days????!!!!!

Ok see, i’m starting to question if something is wrong with my favorite Mickey Mouse Clubber. Why do all of his women end up drifting off? Britney and Cameron hell, even Olivia. But, both sides say they weren’t dating anyway. (Sure, isn’t that what we all say) However, Wilde recently was divorced from filmmaker/prince Tao Ruspoli so shes probably just sewing Wilde oats right now…

None the less, before I could even get happy for Justin. Bradley Cooper, of  most recently Hangover fame snatched her up. They were spotted at the Hangover II premiere after party. Also, page 6 of the New York Post said they were at a cinema party all hugged up in VIP. Now if you know anything about hanging with Mr.Cooper. You know that he dated Renee Zellweger for two years until they broke up earlier this year.

I’m trying to figure out when these celebs will get the hint to stop have 0 degrees of separation. I personally would not want to be in a room full of people both my guest and I all fcuked! But, I guess they think that’s only right since they’re ELITE… As if!

STOP sleeping with your fellow INDUSTRY peers…

Halle Berry Wearing Victoria Beckham SS11 Dress

Beauty is her name! Halle Berry looked stunning in Victoria Backham at Oprah’s farewell taping. The dress is part of Victoria’s new collection. I had just thought one shoulder dresses were getting kind of tired when I saw this revamped and spectacularly made dress. The expecting designer, (pregnant with a baby girl) presented her collection during New York Fashion Week. She also collaborated with Christian Louboutin for the shoes for her runway shoe.

Her is a piece from her collection and you can see more on her website.Her collection, produced in partnership with Simon Fuller. She has quickly become a favorite with Hollywood celebrities.Like Halle Bery,Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz.

Victoria Beckham Collection

I highly predict that within the next few years, Victoria Beckham will be one of the most sought after high end designers. With her unique style and ability to create runway as well as wearable looks she is going to define fashion.

Kim and Kris

 Well, seems as if love and sex is in the air everywhere! Weddings,babies and engagements are all over the place recently. Kim Kardashian the much lesser lucky in love Kardashian, is finally going to get hitched. Like her sister Khloe she will be married in to the NBA… Now that would be a great basketball wives. Khloe, Kim, Lala (married to Carmelo Anthony) and if Ciara can snag Amare Stoudemire! Lets talk about ratings and profit to come LOL E! better not steal my damn idea either…

Any who its said that Humphries proposed on one knee, with rose petals galore. The ring is a 20.5 carat Lorraine Schwartz piece (also noted for making Beyonce’s wedding ring) that cost about 2 million dollars. YIKES!!!! I didn’t even know he had money like that. Below is a picture of Beyonce in her ring…NOW, her ring was 5 million BUT I want you to get an idea of the type of ring Kim is getting herself into.

Beyonce Wedding Ring

I’m actually very happy for Kim IF she is happy. I hope she is not doing this because she feels pressure since, she is the oldest of her sisters and not married. I can only imagine the wedding, i’m sure her mother is on top of it already. I wish her mom would be my manager! She is on top of her sh*t!

Congrats! May you BOTH be happy!

Josephine Baker

There are so many famous women who used to be strippers from Eve, Josephine Baker, Trina, Lady Gaga, Gypsy Rose Lee, Cortney Love, Anna Nicole Smith, Amber Rose, to even one of my favorite writers Diablo Cody. Oddly Diablo Cody is someone who I wouldn’t mind modeling my own career path after. Adult entertainers, strippers or whatever you have them labeled as are mostly just mere entertainment. Women taking their clothes off for money is nothing new its been here since man was created. Yet in 2011, where we live in America with a BLACK president,(remember Blacks were once considered 3/5 of a human being) women who strip maintain some of the harshest labels around.

I told a staff member at the local radio station I wanted to intern. He then told me that I would always be looked at as a stripper and had no way to move up in that area. Of course I laughed, but then it really started to occur to me that perhaps he was right. Will I be 57 years old someday and people ask me “did you used to strip?” EWWWW! What a strange thought, but all I can hope for is that my future accomplishments outshine the fact I take my clothes off for money.

I can only imagine how hard it was for Josephine Baker, a beautiful talented woman who was judged by her peers for dancing nude. Her era was in the 1930′s. Women had no voice in this period, let alone a black woman. Yet, she prevailed as an activist not only fighting racism but also, serving as a form of liberation for all women. To this day, she is remembered as a great entertainer with a huge heart who faught for equal rights.

I guess my question is this, do people always judge you for being a stripper even if you change careers? I’m just thinking to myself I can’t imagine being a doctor and someone refusing to use my services. All because I let someone slip some money in a g-string. So shallow and ignorant yet, im sure that is definetely a thought that would cross someones mind. Most strippers go to work, get their money and go home. However there are girls who do extra things for money and have drug issues. So do police officers,teachers and postal workers.

I’m truly blessed to experience the things that I have, and I have no regrets. I’m sure that if you talk to Trina or Lady Gaga they will say it made them a better person. Being able to be comfortable, while nude in front of strangers is one of the bravest things you can do. If you can do that, i’m sure you can do anything. I have a NO FEAR policy. I guess if you read this I just want you to know that most women have goals beyond stripping and to embrace them making that change. Don’t judge them based on an experience or what you heard. Encourage and support those who seek to do better.

Once a STRIPPER not AFRAID to do anything :0)

London Fashion Show ( Color Blocking)

BOLD seems to be the fashion trend for the summer! From make-up to clothing to accessories every designer is packing on the color! Color blocking isn’t something new at all. Using your imagination and the color wheel, you can transform some of the most basic pieces into colorful statements. Gucci and Prada have been sending down the runway very bold statement pieces. As you can see on the cover of Elle Katy Perry is wearing a Gucci suit.

Katy Perry in Gucci Color Blocking

Another singer who dabbles in color blocking often is the talented Leona Lewis, if you google her images you will find she is styled in a lot of  Neon blocking techniques. Mostly the pairing of neon colors with dark blues and greens… Using dark blue and dark Green is another way not to wear black all the time, yet have a more subtle color than Mint or Fuchsia per se.

Leona Lewis using Neons to Color Block

Now if your not a fashionista or perhaps don’t have runway funds of course you can color block too. Forever 21, H&M and American Apparel are all places that I personally shop and know carry a lot of cute pieces that can be used for the purpose of color blocking. Now, if you really know what you are doing try patterns too.

Forever 21 Color Blocking

Its definitely the time to break away from the blacks,grays and dark gloomy colors. Its time to step into the fun of color and embrace all the colors of the color wheel. The block party doesn’t stop with just clothing either shoes,handbags and jewelry have all have been laced with this seasons trends…I leave you with one more example, miss Rihanna in a perfect Popparazzi picture.Shes using her hair to use color blocking too.
Slim N Letoya

 Again this is a semi-blind item…I’m stabbing at this, because I don’t know anything but what I hear. But, I ran across this picture on INDMIX.COM

I must say that this is a great look! I was actually kinda sad when I found out they had broke up the first time. I say this because they are adorable together.

Lets be real here for a second I know Slim has to be tired of fcuking all kinds of bitches. Hell I’m tired of hearing about it if hes not. LOL and Letoya Luckett seems to be a very sweet girl. I always say you cant help who you love. If this union is a go, I’m all for it. If nothing else but a hot song gets done well so be it!