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What awful time for jersey chasers, lover of the rapletes and such… I’m sure there are baby mothers cringing in terror at the fact a check might not make it to the house. In times of distress for such women. I offer some help to ease the pain. Ways to continue to ball on some one else’s budget.

1. Remember any and all reasons to put him in the dog house…The time he fcuked your ex bff…Or he flew you stand-by to a game…or he skipped making a deposit. Remind him of the fact you stayed through all of the bullshit and see will he buy you something expensive to pawn or even cut you a check.

2.Don’t go out as much. I’m sure that your are a known hoecialite. Ooops, socialite in your city. You wont be able to tear down Saks, Barneys and Neimans as much. AND you definitely don’t want anyone thinking you fell off. Take your partying down to once a week or less. This way it ensures that you aren’t wearing clothes,shoes, bags as much.

3.Change your flavor. Start to explore other races. Since all the rapletes will be crying broke. Take this time to reflect that older men of other races would love to hang out with a young groupie such as yourself. More than likely they will be married, like the other athletes you are used to. But this guy, will have a little more respect for his home. So all that continuing to call late, after he asked you not to. Is NOT the move for this situation. This is like a oil change, in and out.

4.Situational Awareness. There is no need to panic if your athlete is not panicking. DO NOT mess up your situation thinking the grass is greener. If you have a rookie and a teammate is giving you the eye. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE. Don’t give in so easily. The older vet knows you are weak and desperate to get more money. The lockout could end and he will tell your rookie boyfriend from smalltownnooneheardof, USA what you did.

5.Hood. Don’t forget that the hood is booming with pleasantries that you may or may not be familiar with. Knock off purses, clothing and shoes. Merchandise for the low low…And of course my favorite Dope Boys. These “Hood” figures would love a girl like you. You have had many of great athlete in your vaginal walls and this is a notch on his belt. He will more than likely be able to fund your lavish habits, but just watch what you say on the phone and text him. Also, never agree to drive him anywhere. That last part was important.

6.Use Twitter. If you are known to be around many rapletes, Twitter will be a breeding ground for lower level ballers such as promoters,tax prep guys,record execs,DJs, etc. They will know times are hard for you and begin to chat with you more heavily. Now, if you are a smart groupie and prepared for this or have your own money. AVOID THESE PONZI SCHEMES. They will run your name in the ground and have no remorse with the nude pics you will send via DM and text. If times are hard and you need a little change. Twerk Something.

7.Money concious. Limit the amount of money you spend. Instead of 26inch Brazillian, opt for some cute short styles. Take the “Red Bottoms” you have and purses that wont be in next season and sell them to your less fortunate friends or put them on Ebay. Wear cute jersey or cotton dresses instead of Herve Ledger or D&G. Just pair it with one of the shoes you aren’t going to sale. Since you wont be eating as much, it’s a great time to get in great shape!

Well thats all I have for now, If I think of anymore I will be sure to let you know. Its all about winning and helping one another.

Lindsay Leaving Club with Emile Hirsch

Why does my favorite bitch have to be so bad?! Fresh of cell block Lohan, the actress Lindsay Lohan took to Lexington Social House for a wee patron filled celebration. I assume she was drinking patron, observers said she was drinking soda. Oh, perhaps shes not a Pepsi girl and had some coke… (INSERT MAD TYPES OF SLADEROUS FACES) Any who, now she will begin her many hours of community service, I hope it’s at a bar so she can make the best of her time.

Really, this is the shit I get so upset about. Why wont you at least pretend to be doing right.  Aren’t you an actress? Act your ass into pretending to be sober. This would keep the Paparazzi off your back Lilo! Oh, I like that for her. I shall name her Lilo, the fish. Well, I really can’t say to much other than I want her to tan and do something about that wizard colored hair… I love you Lilo, go to Betty Ford or something so you can return to the screen.

Here is some footage of her stumbling and looking like an extra from Girl Gone Wild.

Last night premiered one of my favorite shows, Weeds…Not because I partake of the Earth’s gift of mind elevation but because Ithink Mary-Louise Parker is sexy…. Heyyyyyyyyy Mrs.Parker! Yes, the series opener begins with Nancy Botwin being released from prison 3 years after she turned herself in. Apparently she had a Russian lesbian lover in jail?! The kissing scene made me nearly scream…

She is released in New York and placed in a halfway house. Shane,Silas and Andy all live in Copenhagen. Why in the world was that where they went I will never know.  Do they look Danish? Is that even the right place to be talking about? Hold on let me Google Copenhagen. Oh, I see Denmark…The majority of the population is Danish…See, give your girl some credit!

Well, it definitely is a lot going on. Nancy’s sister (Jennifer Jason-Leigh) has custody of her son Stevie. She doesn’t seem to willing to give that up. Nancy didn’t want the family to know shes out but they find out and when the segment ends are on their way to New York, minus the cold Silas. I think it was a pretty interesting opener considering it’s supposed to be three years later.Did I mention her lesbian lover gave her the location of a key that opened up a suitcase full of explosives? Oh… Check out the full episode for yourself.

Sooooo according to many news sources, Halle Berry took her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry to court this week.  Supposedly there was an incident that led to an imperilment of their daughter Nahla’s safety. Apparently, there is a legnthy document with many provisions set for Gabriel. A hearing was set for a later court date.

Well, if you ask me sounds like a typical mother who hates her baby daddy and wants him to have limited access. Speaking of baby daddy issues, stay tuned for a NFL baby daddy exclusive. Any who, I really hope that Halle isn’t being petty and just not wanting Nahla to be around her father so often. None the less, I hope everything works out  for the baby.

Make LOVE work

The very beautiful Pilar Sanders, before she was married to NFL/MLB great Deon Sanders began her career modeling and doing music videos. One of the video she was in was Kriss Kross’s “Tonight’s the Night”. Oddly, this is one of the first videos that ever made me think to want to be in a video. LOL

I really wanted to know more about her as a person but in Football Wives she came off as cold and distant. But, I mean how was she supposed to act? She is married to a man worth about 40 million while other cast members were enduring financial strains. It wasn’t like she was friends with any of these women before the show. Like I mentioned to cast member Dawn Neufield on Twitter, she (Pilar) is going to be different. She can’t relate to a lot of you guys, whether it be background or current status.

She certainly is very nice to look at though. The actress is busy also managing Sony artist D’Jo. A R&B singer from Dallas. I guess I just wanted to show that anything is possible. From a minor role in a video to being one of the most famous wives in the US. Heres is the video, you will see here opening curtains or something…

Chandra and Lil Duval

Ok so, to say I am a dear advocate of fcuk the club. I actually caught myself out this past two weeks. First was the very lavish party at Em Lounge for the Mavericks victory party. Shot out to Dre,(Drizzie Inc) Fred, (WWEGEvents) and Casino (Ikon) and S.E.G. They put on a very tasteful event that had the likes of Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry, Tyson Chandler and Marc Cuban. Various NFL players, rappers and producers Play N Skillz were in attendence. I myself drank too much and fell like three times. (OH THE SHAME) Hey, I had fun and that what you are supposed to do when you go out!

Then this past weekend was Josh Howards celebrity weekend, with a comedy show staring Lil Duval, also actress Megan Good, Terrel Owens, Kenyon Martin, Chanita Foster just to name a few. Shot out to Grand Hustle for letting me get an interview with Lil Duval but unfortunately my videographer was busy. So I asked a question or two LOL. Lil Duval, is currently working on a pilot for MTV and has upcoming tour dates check out his site . If I had anything to say about it was, that he is very funny.

Me and Chanita Foster


I got to catch up with Football Wives star Chanita Foster at the comedy show. She is super fun and funny! See, sometimes people come across so differently on t.v. I guess there was a little drama surrounding Chanita’s interview on the radio that morning. I guess Pilar showed up to the comedy show mugging Chanita. I guess I could have asked her did this happen? Any who, I hope Pilar isn’t trying to start drama with the other cast members just to get another season. That’s so childish. That’s one of the things I appreciated about Football Wives, that they were all grown women with careers and ambitions.Blah!

Well I stumbled across a Dallas R&B group Whoisladyjane video called “Addiction” its super hot check it out!

Jersey Shore

Well first TMZ reported that it was being cancelled..Then later a rep from MTV was reported as saying “they had no plans on recasting”… Ummm, does recasting have anything to do with cancelling? LOL I have no idea. But, I do know that I am a fan of the show. Shot out to my favorite characters Dj Pauly D and Snooki. I hope that the show continues for as long as possible. Now if MTV wants to cancel something, how about 16 and Pregnant.

The exploitation of such tragic situations is entirely too much. MTV needs to bring back fun Real World episodes and hey maybe Yo MTV Raps LOL…

Dwayne Wade ...Cathy Horyn/The New York Times

Like usual, I do my daily fashion browsing and I log onto

Low and behold, its Miami Heat raplete Dwayne Wade. He looks the fool, I’m sorry you fashion guru’s will say how nice he looks. But, lets be real here this is one step away from “Its Rainging Men” to start playing. Now don’t get me wrong he was front row at the YSL fashion show in Milan, so he did need to look nice. But scarves, bells, glasses, and confetti this was a bit much.

Isn’t he fresh off a break up with Gabrielle Union? Perhaps between that and the loss of the championship has caused him to wander around looking extra. As a single father, I’m sure he doesn’t have time to dress his self.(SARCASM) Obviously, he was dressed by a stylist. This suit is light blue. Yes, I said light blue and I don’t know about you guys but this looks suspect. Perhaps I’m reaching I tend to date guys in white tees so maybe I’m jaded.

Welp! Kim Kardashian made silly headlines today, due to her X-Raying her booty on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Yes, you did read that correctly. She wanted to prove to the world that her butt is real and not filled with silicone. Umm maam, who cares? Do you really think Tammy Torres, Buffie the Body or Pebblez Da Model is proving that their ass is real? No, and do you know why Kim? Because, if it looks good no one really cares. When you see fake breast, do you want an x-ray or do you want to touch them?

Where are dunce caps when you need them? Kim, have you forgotten that the ENTIRE world has seen your insides? She has a sex tape, in my opinion it gets no worse than that. So in efforts to prove the authenticity of your ass, you bypass the fact that your sub par head game was authenticated by millions. I don’t know about you all, but to me the only one who got love from that video was Ray J.

Also, did we forget that there are ass shots? Who needs implants when you can call your local gay boy or Tranny and get pumped up for about a stack. She could have very well went to any black strip club in America and got that info. I’m very much so, off discussing this. I hate for my intelligence to be tried to that degree.