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Ms. Jucci

I’m not done yet!!!
Ms. Juicci has been off of the scene for a minute, working on her second master’s degree and revamping a lot of things to keep her supporters very intrigued. She is featured in the current issue of STRAIGHT STUNTING MAGAZINE. But, please be on the look out for a new website, calendar, appearances, and much more.

The website will be Ms.Juicci And the calendar will be available later this fall for all to purchase and drool over. Now, when asked what is a model, she replied, “Well, in my own words and understanding, a model is someone who takes pride in photography and the message behind the photo. A model is someone that has that “IT” factor of being able to communicate through the lens without saying a word. If you are getting paid for your work, that is an amazing accomplishment. But, a model is not just someone who takes photos with all types of things in the background, for example, in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the living room, etc. and posting them on facebook, twitter, or other websites. Don’t get me wrong, some people are discovered from simple photos like this but I can’t just call anyone a model. Take pride in yourself and the work that you unleash to the public.”

You can follow Ms. Juicci on twitter Juicci Twitter . at And her fan page on facebook, being that she cannot add any more friends on her original facebook page, so please do not get upset. She checks all lines of communication. Also, look out for a lot of “Ustream” conversations with the diva as well. So, check it out……#TeamMsJuicci


With Fall around the corner, It’s time to start preparing yourself for what’s going to be hot this season… Here are just a few of the items that I found most desginers are going to pushing down the runway for Fall 2011…


Christian Dior Cavaliere Calfskin Bootie


Fendi Collection Fur Coat


Jimmy Choo Fall 2011 Ad Campaign Featuring Snake Skin Pumps, Suede Booties and Fur Bag

As you can see in the above picture, Jimmy Choo is using all of the Fall trends in the new Ad Campaign. Make sure all my fashionistas are using some of the Falls hottest trends in your wardrobe. If you don’t indulge in dead animals many lines offer faux furs and skins.

THE ULTIMATE PARTY EXPERIENCE @ THE DISTRICT LOUNGE” Enjoy a Luxurious Evening of Celebration with the city’s most Influential and Beautiful Power Players & Tastemakers. Get an insider’s experience of the worlds of Beauty, Culture, Business, Entertainment, & Fashion.
…….Dress to impress. NO EXCEPTIONS….. LADIES MUST BE 21 YEARS OF AGE AND GENTLEMAN 23 YEARS OF AGE $3 U CALL its and FREE CHAMPAGNE for all the ladies b4 11PM @ THE DISTRICT LOUNGE Doors open at 9pm & We Will Entertain until 2am

Make sure you are all in the building tonight!

And TOMORROW NIGHT! Young Jeezy will be at Bella 32… The rapper set to release TM:103 very soon will make his grand appearance. Make sure you get your tickets and sections ASAP. They are going very fast.

WWEG/ IKON ENT/ DRIZZIE INC. is bringing you the hottest events in the city!!!!!! Come witness history…

You know, I will be so happy when all this reality sh*t comes to an end. I understand, no matter what class of women are they will be dramatic. But, I would love to imagine that rich women live less chaotic. I guess not. In this season, a couple new faces are added Dana Wilkey and Brandi Glanville. It’s death threats and Crystal Meth allegations…Just watch the trailer, and prepare yourself for a season full of fabulousness and ghetto mentalities.

Well, who thought he WAS NOT going to deny the allegations Harris made on Howard Stern. He tweeted that she lied, but in a typical Chris Brown move he later deleted. Supposedly, he went on to tell followers that he felt “sad” for her. Ummm, am I the only one thinking that this is all one big pulblicity stunt?

Harris, who is 25 is said to be getting her kicks with Jordan McGraw. (Dr.Phil’s son) I thought it was pretty typical for women to break up with men and say their d*ck was small or they nut quick. Hef is 456773 years old, i’m sure this isn’t his first time hearing something like this.

Well CLEARLY he has moved on he is back with two other gals…Anna Sophia Berglund & Shera Bechard. Typical man moves, getting on to the next ones.

Singer Jordin Sparks was all a glow at the 2011 Starkey Hearing Foundation Gala in St. Paul, MN. I myself am going through a dramatic weight loss and I love to feature women who have decided to shed the weight and live life healthier! As you can see the 21 year old look absoultely gorgeous…Peep the pics

Losing weight and keeping it off is a very difficult battle. Make sure you are doing it healthy, and for the right reasons..

There is so much to do on Sunday here in Dallas. Starting with Sunset Sundays at Mary’s formerly firewater. With a great new menu, all newly remodeled restaurant. Sundays beginning at 3pm – has $1 frozen and free entry until 5pm. The live band, Dj, and great food and drinks last until late evening…

Then later that night following up the fantastic day with a night full of of fun! With energy comparable to Liv on Sunday in Miami. Sunday nights at Wish is full of who’s who. The hottest rappers, athletes, tastemakers and socialites. Make sure you get your table reservations early.

Well i’ll be, seriously though? This is what you do to the man who put you on? You hoes have no type of loyalty. You give a playmate an opportunity to be more than a expensive fcuk, and here is what they do. Crystal Harris, who left Hugh Hefner looking foolish attacks his manhood once again.

Hugh Hefner is like an artifact, what did she think he was going to do? She should feel great that he even has the ability to perform sexual acts.

This is all payback for the crappy way he did Holly FYI. She genuinely loved him and wanted more and he left her to get with McSlutty.

So Crystal hops her tail on Howard Stern’s Sirius radio show and says he lasted “two seconds” and further goes on to mention she has “never seen Hef naked”. See, this is why Hef needs some black bout it playmates to beat her ass slowly. SMH You women need to start realizing what’s infront of you and quit looking for more!!!

Hey yall! It’s been a minute since I featured a dancer. So today, I bring you footage of the snack pack, straight out of Magic City in Atlanta.

The main of the trio is dancer Gigi Maguire who has been a feature dancer at various clubs around the nation. She has also embarked into teaching pole classes. If you look her up on Twitter you will find her info.

I love that this video shows their athleticism, great bodies and innovative pole moves. My favorite move is at 47 seconds, makes me want to get a pole.