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With HIV/AIDS being one of the number diseases infecting women daily. MAC cosmetics and Lady Gaga teamed up to increase awareness for young women.
According to Huffington Post

Gaga’s message, “Live with passion, love with protection.” Will hopefully set in place a message young women will adhere to.

Lady Gaga is this years VIVA GLAM spokeperson. MAC has raised over $202 million for AIDS/HIV awarness with this campaign.

I love when Celebs give their time and efforts to a greater cause. With the rapid increase of HIV/AIDS infecting women everyday this was a wonderful campaign for her to take on.

Awww I just want to take this time to say congrats Bey! She showed up to the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet, holding her baby bump ever so gently. I am still trying to figure out how she got so big..But hey, I suck my stomach in all the time LMAO.

I am sure her and Mr.Carter were to happy to stunt on everyone with that delivery of news. I am still trying to figure out what made her her drop the mic at the end of her performance like Sexual Chocolate. Let’s talk about Extra…But this is Beyonce, who is the same astrological sign as Michael Jackson. So NO ONE be surprised when she is drapping Hermes scarves over the baby.

Anywho, congrats I wonder what it will look like? Hopefully her.

Yall know Shaunie ain’t shit for this right? They have grouped the wackiest, hoodest hoes together and created pure coonery times two. Yet somehow, many of you tuned in. Tuned in to see a mockery of something that was once considered elite. I have never seen this many egos,well since the regular Basketball Wives.

At what point do women just draw the line on how much foolishness they are willing to endure. Then VH1 gives us full court with Lala, but that shit works better than Tylenol PM causing you drowsiness. I personally am tired of “reality tv”. It’s not on the fly, it’s obviously scripted. I am just over it.

What purpose does Draya serve? Did she resolve those child abandonment issues? Why are men dicking down a woman who has child endagerment issues? But, shes actually ok with me because she owns up to her hoe shit. She also is the most attractive, shallow you say, I know.

I didn’t watch but a few minutes and was turned off by everything. If we are going to show women who should have common sense, acting completely ridiculous we might as well have a show about hoodrats, strippers and prostitutes on TV. I can atleast relate and accept that they are happy being completely erratic.

Legendary hip-hop artist, actress, director, producer, singer shall I go on? Queen Latifah, is being said to join the Dancing With The Stars cast this season. I am very exicted to hear about this, if she is going on I am sure her boo Jeanette Jenkins is going to get her into shape. Hmm, are they giving her a male partner? Anywho, i’m sure CoverGirl and that Queen Collection will be every other commercial.


Reality TV’s sweetheart Nikki “Snooki” Polizzi is also rumored to be joing the cast this season. I think she is a bag full of fun, so if she is ultimately cast this would be a reason number 2 for me to watch. Actual statements of cast will be released on August 29th, so until then hope for your favorite celebs to join. Do I still have time to write in for Bobby Brown?

All hail the queen!!! The 30 year old singer gets in depth with InStyle about friends, family, and possible motherhood. I am happy to see this side of Beyonce, considering for years we thought she was just a puppet. Or maybe that was just me. Now, I read somewhere, that Jay-Z is comparing her to the second coming of Michael Jackson. Umm sir, I love you both but how bout you NOT go around making that comparison. YES, she is the only singer who can dance, sing and perform beautifully live. BUT, let’s be real here by 30 MJ had by far passed Beyonce…

None the less, I am happy she is gracing the cover so amazingly… Make sure to pick up your copy today!

Last week kicked of Privado Thursdays, Spinderella, LadyJane and others were in attendance for the new sexy event…There was a sexy, party crowd to kick off the first night!
The Akita Group & Privado Nightclub are Excited to Announce the marriage of Nightlife and Urban Culture.

Grand Opening of Privado Thursday’s

Starting Thursday August 11th, Privado Nightclub will open their doors to their Private Downtown escape for Dallas’ most discriminating socialites and party goers.

Privado – “Where Sexy Means Everything”

Thursday’s will become the Hottest Night of the Weekend

Thursday, August 11th


Featuring the Sultry LADY JANE

************Big Daddie The Dj & Celebrity Dj ASAP in The Mix************

Privado Nightclub
723 Pearl St.
Dallas Tx 75201

Women: Sexy/Hott/Chic
Men: Grown Up – No Exceptions(No B-Ball Hats/Shorts/T-Shirts)

For Tables, Bottles or more Info Contact:
Phil @ 214.938.9531


This Saturday was a great opening night for the city! I heard it was full of sexy ladies!
Main Street Event Center

(Old Purgatory & Opus Lounge)

2208 Main Street
Dallas, TX 75201
9:30pm – 2am

Attire: Summer fashions, relaxed, but Classy.
(If in doubt, dress up, not down.)

* Sounds provided by DJ Freeze & DJ Klassik

Mature Audience Only: 23 & up.

On Saturday night, August 13, the all new exquisite
Main Street Event Center will transform into the perfect scene
for those with a discerning taste for nightlife decadence.
Enjoy choice music, the company of the right people,
in a plush venue for another sexy night out in the city
with your best friends or lover. This is the summer night
party fix you’ve been looking for

[{Celebrating the 2-Year Anniversary of The Catalysts Group.}]

For your enjoyment:
* Complimentary admission until 10:30pm w/RSVP.
All August birthdays free until 11pm.
Valet Parking available.

Early arrival & bottle service is suggested for a premium experience.


Before 7pm, Saturday, August 13.

For bottle service/table reservations:
Fred Banks: 214-395-5540
Antonio Everette: 972-998-3879
George Artis II: 214-448-1836
Matt Lloyd: 214-725-2003

Brought to you by:
E3000 Group | Final Friday | WWEG | Drizze | Ikon
The Catalysts | Platintum Ent. | 26 ARK

Jennifer Holliday, gave a great performance as herself in the play. And yes Lawd this play had Christan Keyes in it with a scene where of course, his shirt comes off. If you missed this play while it was here you missed a great thing. This play was very well written with a strong meassge, yet comedic material.

Info on Play I’d like to give a big THANK YOU to Ashley Jones with Aires ENT who did a great job with the PR for this project!

Awww congrats to all the lovely women who got married over the weekend. Speciallyone of my role models, Sherri Shepherd…. Sherri was married in Chicago to her fiancee Lamar Sally. Her son Jeffery, walked her down the aisle.

Tara Reid, got her hoe ass married…It’s hope for you skud buckets. She married Zach Morris, I kid. She married Zach Kehayov in Greece, only moments after their engagment. LMAO!!! She is not the sharpest shool in a shed clearly. But, I wish her luck.

Lastly Joy Behar, The View co-host along with Sherri Shepherd tied the knot this weekend. Behar married, Steve Janowitz, her partner of 29 years. Well damn, took them long enough. But hey, what ever floats people’s boats.

This picture was taken from FRESHALINA. Who is listed under my blog roll for C+D…

Well, I hope you monkeys found what you were looking for, with prices to get in starting at $300. People had been in line since 6pm sources say. I’m mad I learned about it kinda late, I could have got on the bat phone and cooked up something…smh But I am very happy for my lack of attendance due to the fact that Kanye was a no show and Jay-Z didnt even breathe on the mic.

There was no Beyonce, hell not even a girl with a good lacefront. I was heavily dissapointed. I’m just happy I didn’t use my ramen noodle money on these niggas actin funny. I leave you with, Otis…Bye