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Who said Scientologists were wierd?! The newly 43, raptor (that’s rapper slash actor) hit the streets of LA on his birthday, with his daughter Willow. (These braids, we’ve come too far to have Poetic Justice braids)

Barnes And Nobles was the crafty choice of the day. Despite rumors of a split between Will and Jada Smith, they celebrated her birthday the previous weekend and are maintaing a strong family image…

This picture was taken from SANDRAROSE
She is giving the scoop on the lavish welcome home party TI is having on October 2nd. The private party is estimated to cost about 100k and is for 150 guests. One lucky reader for her from her site will be able to attend so make sure you are locked into her site to check that out.

But, I am here to discsuss something else… Is Po, Lala’s friend on her show Tiny’s sister or something?

Why do these two ladies look EXACTLY alike?! Oh, and here’s a fun fact… Lala and Poe are also names of Teletubbies hahahaahahahahaha. Ok I’m done.

Dia*Mond Nail Studio is a full service nail salon in Dallas. Nail Artist Regina, is the owner who specializes in pampering and treatment of the nails…She has done clebrities like Trina, and Pilar Sanders nails. She is the only person who does my nails and they are beautiful!!! She also has available Glitzy Lips and can apply them in the salon for you.


So is Lil Mama, channeling Amy Winehouse? Or Circus of the Stars? See, this I don’t understand, give a semi –talented lil girl an inch and she takes a Green Mile. So, I guess in the interview she discusses beefing with The Game, Rick Ross and using the N word. SAY WHAT?!

It would behoove you all to not to let your children get lost in the sauce these days. This is a product of Youtube and bored marketing. Then….They have the nerve to have WATCH THE THRONE on the cover. She has her own lane, goofy ass girl, with a bad stylist, who looks like a Meth fiend.

Be REAL here.

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Well Ashton Kutcher, semi funny self, set a record last night with 27 Million Viewers tuning in to see the Two And A Half Men 9th season premiere debut… I really intended to watch it, but got caught up in homework. I hear reports that it wasn’t that funny, I hope they just are reviewing it harshly. I do know that they kill off Charlie, (Did yall see his crappy apology on the Emmys?) BLAH…

I’m going to find a site that shows episodes of shows and see what all the fuss was about. Below is an interview with Ashton Kutcher about being on the show.

Ok so, I put lil stars over the important tweet… LOL Anywho I am guessing Ikem from Indmix noticed lil mama had the same outfit on two nights in a row…Now I repeat outfits so that’s not my beef, it’s wearing them two nights in a row..


and Saturday…

Actually it just looks like she wore the skirt… The tops look like there is some variation…Who cares, It’s funny to me. But she is too pretty for all that…Even Slim cheap ass said he would buy her a new one.

Awww Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodgriguez have broke up… They say it’s due to schedule conflicts but rumor has it, Alex has infidelity and gambling issues. Who Knows? With both of them getting older, and not wanting to get married perhaps there was no other platform for them to reach as a couple.

He is so sexy, and so is she hopefully they can find some hot new partners.

So this guy Swizz Beats basically told on his self… He bought her a car for his birthday. Maybe it’s just me, but twice people have cheated on me and bought me a vehicle. So, im going to have to go with he admitted to her something. I COULD CARE LESS that he is Vice President of the Lotus company. He did not have to get her that, and furthermore it was HIS birthday.

As a Virgo, I know we are capable (yes I went to Astrology) of some grade A hoe shit. Hence, he cheated on his wife with Alicia. I am not sure which kool-aid Alicia is drinking that has her thinking her vaginal walls are so GRAND he wont cheat… But, someone should really get her back to thinking normal. Poor baby… :(