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Wale, oh how I love his music and hate his sensitive tweets. Some people really should learn, less is more and just hush LOL. Maybe I just don’t get his passion on Twitter, more thank likely because, I think Twitter is a toy used to make me laugh. I could care less what you other people think of it or do with it.

My favorite song to work out to of his right now is Bait, I love the D.C. Go-GO vibe to it. Make sure you check it out and if you are really a fan see him in person November 9th, at House of Blues in Dallas. Tickets start at $14, and Black Cobain and Meek Mill will also be there.

Is this airbrushed?

Who knew he had shows, Anywho. The raplete, was booted from the Austrailian music festival. Also, his entourage’s hotel room was raided. According to authorities, drug officials got a tip that these fools were in their room gettng high. When police raided the suite they found a clip seal bag with 16 grams of marijuana, a joint with one gram of cannabis, three grinders, a set of scales covered in specks of marijuana, a gold capsule of tetrahydra cannabis, a Viagra tablet, a 10ml bottle of liquid cannabis and a Uzi taser. Apparently, this somehow made Flo Rida unable to perform.

But wait?! What was that Viagra about? Flo is 33, please say he’s not a minute man? Someone find Eva and ask her what the deal is. The person who took the fall, was the flunkie, aka bitch boy aka his personal asssistant. He got a slap on the wrist and obviously had to leave the country. Ok, heres a little advice, if you are not hot in America, don’t go overseas messing up your fan relationships.

So Soulja Boy has clearly downgraded on his drugs of choice. He was arrested in Temple, Georgia along with three other men for felony possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of a firearm. Like, what is that about? All the rappers in Gerogia earn stripes AFTER they are famous.

I understand the rap game isn’t what it used to be, but are you that bored you want to play gangsta for dress up? I hope that when the 21 year old rapper gets out he puts his energy into something productive…Like just sitting the entire fcuk down…

Make sure you are all tuned in to Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen tomorrow where Courtney and Matt will be co-hosting. They will be on immediately following the season finale of Most Eligible Dallas.

According to OHSOCYNTHIA ,fellow Dallas Blogger. She says Matt was caught making out with Taylor Armstrong this past weekend.

I thought they were just friends?! Clearly, we have some friends with benefits going on here. Moving along, make sure you tune into the finale and stay tuned for WWHL :)

Well, little ms former porker aka Kelly Osbourne came down on pop singer Christina Aguilera for being fat…Again…

Kelly Osbourne reportedly called her that on Friday’s episode of Fashion Police. She goes on to say that Christina Called her fat for years beofre she lost weight in 2009.Christina at this time has not said anything regarding this matter.

I don’t know as a person who deals with weight gain issues, both of them should just eat a bowl of soup and shut the fcuk up. If Kelly wants revenge from her caling her fat just be slim and look good. That alone is probably killing her.Her grown ass is doing too much.

In case you don’t follow me on Twitter, I think Red Cafe is sooooo sexy! Hi Red Cafe LOL. This video is rather nice, I love the styling throughout too. The girl who plays his boo in this video is too fine…I would have loved for it to have been a black girl but maybe the black within Rick Ross caused a black overload. But hey maybe it’s because I think Red Cafe is fine and with me seeing him in a video with me girl not me makes me feel sad.

Ok, wow i’m doing to much, enjoy the video.

Commisioner David Stern cancelled the first two weeks of the season on Monday. The NBA lost about 300 million last year and is trying to get to the bottom of the loss. In doing so many basketball fans are upset and many people who worked around or in the arenas are without jobs.

Steve Nash tweeted yesterday, he was sorry for all the people who would be without jobs while negotiations continue.

I’m not understanding how these people get soooooooo much money and feel compelled to argue about millions, while teachers, doctors, police and military personell go almost broke. Yet they save lives everyday… We live in such a jaded world.

Im not the biggest fan of this show…I really hate to watch shows without a drop of color. Unless t’s just so dynamic with its characters. For example a Jersey Shore or Sex in the City. It just didn’t do much for me but since I live in Texas I supported it. It just seemed like alot of these chicks didn’t represent the thought BIG RICH TEXAS to me. But anywho, the season finale watch party was hosted by Bonnie and Whitney at the gay club Drama Room.

Dallas Blogger OHSOCYNTHIA. Managed to get some pictures from the party…

Daren Martin (Melissas BF) Holding Sign

She mentions that they weren’t compensated well by Style and that Season 2 will start being filmed soon. I really hope that they spice this next season up a little…Can we some some great red carpet or charity events? Show them how much money really is in Dallas.
I leave you with a video of a full episode just in case you want to see what all the fuss is about.

Big Rich Texas_"Gunning for Trouble" s01-e07 by 1BadboyMMA

First up is Sheneka Adams, a model in Atlanta… Notoriously known on Mediatakeoutand in the industry for messing with people like Gucci Man, Soulja Boy, Carmello Anthony and many more. She has a sex tape with Soulja Boy and for any more current gossip you can always use that powerful Google button.

Now let me introduce you to her long lost sister Vanessa Veasley…

Vanessa is a model in Philly… Also like Sheneka has been associated with many industry men. Allegedely, she was pregnant by the rapper Drake… Am I the only person that thinks they look alike and they have the same character traits? You know I love hoes that own up to their hoe shit. Which neither one acts like their sh*t don’t stink so they are fine by me. I never see either tweeting about all the money they blew or all the lavish shopping I see other models do.

I have had a lot of guys tell me stuff about both of them but, I know guys lie so I take everything with a grain of salt. UNLESS I feel the need to air people out. Hell I don’t want people airing out my hoe sh*t for no reason. But besides all that messy gossip, I do see both girls doing active things like hosting parties, and coming out with various things to purchase of theirs.

I guess I wanna know who would win in a dance off?