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Well, being that I never check my email from the site… (It’s usually questions about how to start stripping or who does ass shots.) I just skim through them. To my surprise, there was an email from a young lady saying she had an encounter with Sean Kingston.

*WARNING* I do not know if this is truth or fiction I am just posting the story.

So the young lady starts off by saying that she is not a hoe… (Side-Eye) I wonder is this to excuse the fact she states she did not get paid? Well, there are no judgements here.

Any who, she says the entertainer flew her in to Miami where he played on Playstation the whole entire time she was there. Seems kind of childish to me, but hey to each their own. So here is where this gets interesting. She says that Kingston and her had sex. Where, she noticed he had one ball. Yes ladies and gents, one testicle.

I wonder did it occur during his jet ski incident? Poor guy, that is awful! But, not any worse than her saying he couldn’t get it up. Finally, when he did orgasm, it was less than 5 minutes. I thought young men had stamina?

Well pretty much the rest of the email, she complains about how he is cheap and not generous with the cash. Well, damn she got on a flight for sub par penis and toaster struddles. I’m sure she could have stayed at home for that…

Ciroc, along with Insterscope, Bad Boy and Shakedown came together to bring Dallas, a listening session with artist Red Café. The Listening Lounge as it was called was put on in association with Publicity Pieces, Kreative Kollective and Zeralyn.Com.

The event brought out some of Dallas’ own elite. From Media to DJs all to take in the new single “Fly Together” to prepare us for the upcoming album. The crowd was definitely into Red Café. Dallas, which is considered to be a dance music city, does have other expressions of artistry. Check out!(Dallas Cypher).

Also, in attendance was the very beautiful Pilar Sanders and her camp. I heard she has some very big things coming from her, so make sure that you stay tuned.

The shots were taken by photographer @perreaon1

Sounds were provided by DJ ASAP who was one of the guest DJ’s on 106 n Park on BET. Follow him on Twitter, he and I are planning a dope mixtape! @DjAsap

As a former stripper, my heart always will be with young girls aspiring to do more than, just shake it for a little cash. Here is Gucci, a dancer in Dallas, Texas. She is a phenomenal pole dancer and is capable of captivating the crowd.

As she looks to make her mark on the industry, she has been modeling and featured in videos. Here is just a small sample of the talent that she possesses. A big shout out to Tripp Wall, who is a great photographer, who also shot the video.
Make Sure you follow her on Twitter Gucci .

97.9 The Beat personality M-Squared got together a few of the newest up and coming rappers in DFW for the Cypher. Some of these rappers are not freestyle or “cypher” type of rappers but I am happy for them none the less…

Rapper B-Hamp who is known for his song “Ricky Bobby”, admittedly says in the cypher he does not have the dopest lyrics. But, his swag is what takes him places.

He was dressed very nicely….

Get into the CYPHER and see what Dallas artists have to offer…

My notable mentions are Dtall @Dtallmusic D- Tall or on Twitter. Double A @itsdoublea and of course my favorite, Enertia@enertiamuzik … Big shoot out to G4 Music…

M-Squared Presents: The Understanding (#THEDFWCYPHER) from iClassMedia on Vimeo.

I’m guessing Kat Von D can’t let go and let God. Over the weekend the famous tattoo artist took to her FACEBOOK and said a mouthful. She let her Facebook friends know, that her ex Jesse James, cheated on her over 19 times.

Now where I get confused is how you think a man, who you met while married, made you think he would be faithful to you? Or HELLO, Sandra Bullock divorced him for all of his extra marital affairs.

Girl, may I suggest a diary, you are acting no worse than a regualer girl who can’t go to a therapist. Get over it boo, CLEARLY he has.

So I guess Omarion was engaged in 2009 to the very pretty Deborah Ryder…Apparently, along that time Omarion made a song called “I Think My Girl is Bi”. Very interesting, considering that the top story on MTO was that she is now a stud. Well, who here is surprised? I don’t know if Omarion is gay. (Considering that is among the top 5 searches on Google) I do know, that he gives me a very ghetto kool-aid sugary sweet vibe. But so what, I think she is hot!!!! Yay! for the lezzies!

But now I am curious, did she ever play strap-on games with him? Did she always like girls? Did he drive her to be this way? Some one help! This reminds me of Kanye and Amber Rose. You speculate why. Any who! Check out some pics of the two together and a video to his song. He knew then she liked girls.

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk…
November 13, 2011–February 12,2012 at the Dallas Museum of Art. Dallas is the first of only two U.S. cities on the international tour.

For more information… See Gaultier Exhibit

Awww my favorite girl Lindsay Lohan stayed in jail a grand total of less than 5 hours after just being sentenced to 30 days. I must say, it’s amazing the power of fame.

Supposedly, she called the situation a wake up call to her friends. I don’t think I believe her. She just finished shooting her pink for her spread in Playboy. The spread got her paid nearly 1 million. We will see in the next few months if LiLo really did learn from 2011…

Well apparently I am no fool…As I already predicted, the Kardashian wedding was a complete waste of time. I feel bad for all of those investors, a wedding for 18 million dollars, dissolved in less than 4 months. Hell, and to think people say that homosexual marriages devalues the union of marriage. Sure, so what do you call this a tribute?

I am totally sure that this was a stunt from the beginning. Look at Kris Humphries, he reminds me of Gomer Pyle. You sit here, and really think she was intrigued, turned on and wanted to share her life with this man? Come on, don’t let people piss on you and tell you it’s raining.

Even TMZ reported that Humphries didn’t find out about the divorce in person or via phone call, but through the wide world web. Awww Kim is such a gracious and humble person. Well, with her profiting so much from a marriage that lasted as long as her sew in. I just hope she has a shred of integrity and gives that money to people in need.

Look at their body language in this picture…ick!