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In case you didn’t already know, Alice & Olivia is one of my favorite brands of clothing… Since I follow them on Twitter I ran across a contest they are doing for NYE…

All you have to do is tweet them a picture in your Alice & Olivia dress on NYE and you could win a $200 gift card…

Fore more information check out their Website. As well as follow them on Twitter.

Here is a little background to familiarize you with the brand. Alice + Olivia has grown into a 50 million dollar brand including a men’s line and a children’s line since its launch at Barneys in 2002. Designer Stacey Bendet, designs the Alice + Olivia women’s and kids collections in addition to a shoe collection.

So get into Alice & Olivia…Don’t be pressed!

Well, and we thought gays were ruining the sanctity of marriage? Only being married a little over a year, both Katy Perry and Russell Brand have both been spotted NOT wearing their wedding rings. I actually thought these two would make it considering they are both a little quirky. I guess not even the strange can find love in a hopeless place.

*Did anyone see the subtweets about loving each other between Chris Brown and Rihanna yesterday on Twitter?* Talk about about love is pain…

Well, luckily they had no kids so, if this really is the preface before a divorce, there are no sad kiddos! Ah well, I thought Katy could have did a little better than that anyway. On a lighter note, breakups make the music…

Thugged Out, also Known as Mutt and Jeff has some very exciting things heading your way this year in 2012. A part of DIrty Game Reocrds, the rap duo who are twin brothers have benn making waves since 2009.

As the featured artists of the week, the two have been featured in XXL and Source magaine… Check Out their song Swagged Out, I worked out to it this morning!

Credit: Jordan Strauss/

Well if you’re a true Kardashian and Basketball fan, you know they are on their way to Dallas. But, did you know Rob Kardashian is on the way too. Apparently, they will be filming the Lamar and Khloe show here in Dallas while the season is going… Of course, baby bro did not want to be left alone…

Lets hope in between Lamar helping the Mavs win games, he helps Khloe get the pitter patter of little feet going in her house… I wonder will they go to the club like they do in L.A.? It’s definitely has been mentioned that a Dash store would be opened up. I’m not to concerned about that as long as I am a size 8. That’s stuff is for tiny ladies.

I have decided to name Khloe, KHLOE KO. The KO stands for Knock Out and Kardashian Odom. This since she is now the first lady of Dallas. I am actually excited there are other celebs here that are not athletes. Well, I wish them all the best of luck. If Khloe is looking for some tips on where to shop, eat, get her hair done someone tell her to hit me.

BARRY BONDS Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Welp! These people are outraged, Barry Bonds managed to avoid jail time today. Sentenced to two years probation, thirty days house arrest, a felony, 250 hours of community service and various fines.They say the prosecution attempted to use his extra marital affairs to show that he has character traits of lying. The judge however, did not hold that in account. The judge did look at the fact Barry Bonds did a lot of Philanthropy work outside of the press. Its speculated that Bonds more than likely will not make it into the Hall of Fame.

I can understand how people are upset though, he broke a lot of records with high numbers. So, that was very unfair to the players who made those stats and did not use supplements.

According to New York Daily News Bonds lawyers decided to do an appeal in 10 days.I guess though, it seems like all these famous, rich people never get anything more than a slap on the wrist. Well, atleast this 8 year battle is over.

X-Rated Fusion knows what they are doing when it comes to using a brand ambassador. Celebrity Blogger, Necole Bitchie is one of the beautiful faces of the vodka. The vodka, has a trendy, sensual appeal and it also describes the blogger and her audience.

At a private dinner located in the 360 Ball in Dallas. X-Rated put on a very lavish party with some of Dallas’ top tastemakers. A wonderful menu by the Wolfgang Puck restaurant and drinks galore. My favorite was the X-Rated with Rose.

If you haven’t already get into XRATED
Below is a picture of Necole at the event with her lucky winners.

Also, check out some footage from the X-Rated Fusion party Necole Bitchie hosted in D.C.

If you aren’t already, make sure you are getting into blogger
Necole Bitchie

Checking in, looking better than EVER! is Pilar Sanders… Wife of hall of famer, Deion Sanders. I can remember 10 years ago almost, my boyfriend at the time said she was the baddest thing walking. I am so happy for her that she still is one of the baddest. She looks great in person as well. We all know that photoshop, can mislead people but not Mrs.Sanders.

I can honestly say this though, whatever it is she is doing needs to be packaged and sold to the masses…I want in on whatever it is she is doing…How in the hell did NFL Wives get cancelled? Bring it back!!!!