Kelsey Grammer, who has maintained a great career over 25 years. Where he once was the highest paid actor on televison. The 56 year old actor, has had some experience while helping back Sen.John Mcain. He currently has a fourth wife, smh Kate Walsh. I like him because he brought us Girlfriends and The Game.

Admitting he has the “narcissistic personality” and “resilient ego” required for politics, says he will consider starting a second career as a would-be candidate once he’s done with acting full-time. This was taken from MSNBC.

I mean why not, they let Arnold Schwarzenegger be govenor. Aside from his marital issues, he did a pretty good job. I am guessing, I would really have to go back and look at all of that. Frankly, I’m kinda tired today so, no. But, congrats to Mr.Grammer on his new marriage and his new decision to embark on a dream.

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