Legendary hip-hop artist, actress, director, producer, singer shall I go on? Queen Latifah, is being said to join the Dancing With The Stars cast this season. I am very exicted to hear about this, if she is going on I am sure her boo Jeanette Jenkins is going to get her into shape. Hmm, are they giving her a male partner? Anywho, i’m sure CoverGirl and that Queen Collection will be every other commercial.


Reality TV’s sweetheart Nikki “Snooki” Polizzi is also rumored to be joing the cast this season. I think she is a bag full of fun, so if she is ultimately cast this would be a reason number 2 for me to watch. Actual statements of cast will be released on August 29th, so until then hope for your favorite celebs to join. Do I still have time to write in for Bobby Brown?

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