Rocsi Diaz

Do people really feel if they put on a pair of Louboutins it makes anything hot?! Like I’m serious though, what made her wear this? And other than the shoes a lot of this looks like Wet Seal clothing.  Yesterday, leading to early this morning twitter was awry. The 106 N Park host, Rocsi was trending on Twitter because she had a photo-shopped joke going around about her stealing from Wet Seal.  Obviously Rocsi didn’t take to kindly to the false burglary charges and took to her Twitter to refute the claim she was a thief… But where was this resilience when rumors were spreading that she was the mistress involved in the break up of Lisa Raye McCoys marriage?

Oh! Could it be that was true and this was so very obviously wasn’t? Why get into your feelings box over a joke, started on Twitter? Thats why I laugh when people say… “Its only Twitter.” Well, is it really? I have seen many a people get upset, delete accounts, get into fights over what is said via Twitter. Well any who take a look at the article that was created by @ShugAveryPee  
So instead of Ms.Diaz just saying “its note true and oh its a joke”. She begins to threaten to sue bloggers and the creator. Like could you imagine all the law suits that would be going on if politicians were suing cartoonists…Since the beginning of time drawings were used to relay information, stories and jokes. What up to Benjamin Franklin , who printed the first editorial cartoon also known as a political cartoon. I understand that there is an aspect where jokes go too far. Hence, Tracy Morgan having to apologize to GLAAD here recently.  But there is definitely a difference between Satire and Slander.
Now here is another of Shug Avery where he goes in on Ciara and Keri Hilson engaging in a fight in Walmart…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! I really hope Rocsi realizes it’s a joke much like her past dressing style on 106 N Park. Lets live and let God, before Lisa Raye Tweets something. LOL Don’t forget to check out @ShugAveryPee

Heres some info about the creator, he is a satyrical blogger. Junior at Emory university. Sociology Major. Global Health minor. Specializes in Marketing, Development, Event planning. FOLLOW HIM!


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