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Born and Raised in Dallas Texas. Kisha has been Modeling since 2010. Not only is she The Model for Dallas Honeys but also the President. Kisha has been featured in Various Music Videos from Beatking “Crush”, Charlieboy “Deja Blu”, Quint Foxx and A1 “Im Good”, Big Hud Ft Currency “Summertime” ,Thugged Out Ft Slim Thug “That Girl Bad” Follow her onTwitter @Kishahoneydior for Booking @DallasHoneys or email …

Watch her get oh so sexy, by photographer D.Brown… In the video below!! Shes’s such a hottie!

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Awww my favorite girl in the world is getting better!!! Yay Lilo, you better get your ass off that white girl…I’m still trying to figure out after all she has done, how shes only on probation. Oh wait I know, she’s wealthy, and white as hell. Did yall see how pale she was? That baby could stand a trip to the tanning bed or two. Maybe some MAC in NC45, cause baby you look like a extra from Lord of the Rings.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner told her on Wednesday, she was on the “home stretch”. As far as, finishing her probabtion. Lohan has reportedly said that the judge gave her “tough love”. Supposedly, making her concentrate on her career more. Lindsay, it’s cool boo, no need to front. But, please look at the other entertainers around you who have lost their life with drugs and alcohol.

I’m rooting for you my favorite boo!! Make it shake love!

First I stumbled across the spoof and I was lost, so then I watched the actual video.. What in the caulking gun hell? This baby has a dead oil spill horse tail on her head. Then these dancers, I haven’t seen this many ass shots in one place since I was at Onyx Sunday. Is this how they did the casting? When everyone went to re up on the shots they made a video shoot? For her name to be Lady Twerk, why is she the only one who cant twerk? She must of just had her shots done, most girls are pretty stiff those first few days…

Then here comes Gozell. She actually gives the video some hope lol.. Just watch her spoof.. Thank me later!

I understand fighting gets ratings, but good grief this is just too much!! These women are supposed to be the people younger women look up too. These are business women, actresses, wives, college graduates doing the FOOL! Mind you they are all over 30. But I will say this, the only person highlighted for doing something good and staying out of mess was my boo Royce!! Kudos!!

I am in no particular rush to see Jennifer get her ass handed to her, and if I was her I would invest in some security or some down ass homegirls… Call me Jen, I will personally slap the shit out of whoevers mouth. Just bail me out and pay me a fee. But, this is all for TV, because I know some real life gangsta women. THEY don’t even cut upp like this!! Is it me or does the new chick kinda remind you of Jackie Christie? She seems a little throwed. They must be cutting some great checks for Evelyn to be able to throw bottles and jump on bars.

So is this what we have come to? Act like animals out the Jungle Book, but as long as you are in Oscar De La Renta it’s ok? The game is totally twisted, women need to not pay this any more attention other than ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. No real woman, would act like this on television or real life. Dear Lord, please don’t let me be 40 something talking about ” You aint about this life”… Smh!

Well I guess the odd couple has finally closed their chapter. Perry and Brand have gotten their divorce finalized. I wonder who they will be dating before the ink settles? It’s really a shame to see so many mariages end so quickly. I guess that is why, they are trying to pass the bill for a two tear probationary period for marriages. But, can we be honest here, yall really thought they were good for each other?

Ran across these pretty little documents on Perez Hilton

He noticed her smiley face, thats so damn childish. Yet, funny to me! I am so very happy to hear that Russell didn not take any of Katy’s money. Well, thats what was being said around the internet. However, as quickly as this divorce went either he didn’t want money or she settled. Either way congrats to Katy! Now go make some kick ass music!!

Ok, I went to her site…But, then I kept thinking about this video. So, imma be real and say those pics with the red hair don’t do her justice… Anywho, check out her video dancing it was amazing. Well to me it is. I am very easy to please though lmaoooo. To see more of India, check out India Baby