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I got a chance to run into Paul Wall and got the opportunity to interview the same did I interviewed Trae The Truth. He talks about his now available mixtape No Sleep Till Houston. All the different people he worked with. If you are a true Paul Wall fan, he gives you every way possible to contact him and purchase his music. No Sleep Till Houston is an excellent mixtape I recommend downloading.

Born in December 0f 1948 the singer-songwriter passed away today. known as the Queen of Disco, Summer had a great career that was well over 40 years… With a heavy list of accolades, just to name a few, 5 Grammys, a NAACP Image Award and 3 multi-platinum albums. Donna Summer was known for her VH1 Divas appearances later in her career. The inspiration for many voices of today, Summer will be greatly missed…One of my FAVORITE Donna Summer songs is She Works Hard For The Money. Watch it below, my prayers go out to her family at this time.

Hey, I just wanted to keep you updated with one of the most humble, yet business minded rappers I know. Make sure you get his new mixtape Campaign. With him focusing on his career, yet steadily maintaining to do all his good works, I wonder when does he sleep. With the wave of internet taking over as the main music source, I’m sure Trae hasn’t even noticed he was banned from Clear Channel. I surely haven’t, he is always working. Make sure you cop the new mixtape and dowwnload his app on iTUNES.

My interview with Trae at 2 Chainz concert…

Trae the Truth ft Lil Duval, No lie

Well, again BET has done thee absolute most. They have cut the essential thread of The Game, actress Tia Mowry who plays Melanie. I am sure she took a pay cut to even be apart of ghetto vision entertainment. I’m sad, but I am also happy because I know when one door closes, another opens. So I am hoping that she will soon return to TV or the big screen. It is also said that, she was unaware of her being dismissed from the show. she did take to her Twitter page “Just wanted to let all my fans know that I will not be returning to The Game for season 6. It was an incredible run and I had lots of fun.”

Wow!! So thats it? I mean, I am a product of the Cosby Show, Different World, era. So, I want to see more urban television shows. Where are the positive or even relatable black sitcoms? The few shows BET had were ok, but apparently not enough to captivate audiences everywhere. So is this where we are at? Our only images of black women are spread sparsely through various white casted TV shows. Or, let us not forget the awesomeness that lies within Basketball Wives. Bitches with the finest of weave throwing wines bottles, leaving kids home alone and bickering about he said, she said.

Hollywood has totally forgotten that there is a demographic of blacks, who want to see good television, full of actors we can relate to. Characters of whom, we can identify with. These characters, who we see ourselves in. I BEG of someone to step up to the plate and bring out shows that bring about a positive image and make us reflect to be better people. I wish Tia the best of luck with her new book, Oh Baby and future endeavors.

I’m seriously singing Brooke Valentines, Girl Fight as I type this post. So if you haven’t been keeping up with Celebrity Apprentice, it’s down to Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall. But, the entire show Aubrey O’Day (Google if need be) and Arsenio Hall have been fighting like two strippers over the last stage set. I am not going to go over the tit for tat game they have been playing. However, they have been slandering each other mildly, every chance they can get. Well, I myself have questioned whether or not Arsenio Hall is gay, but I don’t represent an anti-bullying charity. But Aubrey O’day does. She represents GLSEN, an organization that ensures schools are safe for all children regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

So then why would she tweet this?

The tweet about hanging in the closet, which was later deleted came from Arsenio Hall’s visit to The View.(shout out to my boo Sherri Shepherd) Apparently, Arsenio said something to the effect Aubrey “keeps nude pics of the men she sleeps with, and was passing them around showing everyone”. I’d like to take this time to ask, Is this what you young girls are doing these days? PLaying see who all took a trip to my cervix? I personally am surprised all the photos have space in her phone. Man Apple has some amazing storage space. But, none the less if it is, or isn’t true that’s not reason to attack his sexual preference. If that in fact, is even his his sexual preference. She knew she had made a boo boo, thats why she deleted it.

I blame Diddy for all this shit. He let this disheveled, pompous slut into the masses. She has carried herself in the most slutty way possible and thinks she deserves some kind of recognition. Just be a hoe and be happy like the rest of us. You can’t go around here knocking out more men than Pacquiao and expect people not to assault your character when you assault theirs. Any who, I can’t wait to see the finale, they should have to lip sink to the death. The a queen can be pronounced properly

According to SandraRose , Divorced R&B Singer Usher is kicking out his ex wife Tameka Foster-Raymond . Where she will go no one knows, but we do know she has 60 days to do it. Apparently the mansion, valued at 3 million plus, requires thousands in daily upkeep and is depreciating in value. I guess Usher is tire of letting his pockets burn. Bad joke? maybe… Any who, Usher is said to be having an album of epic proportions released soon, as exclaimed by rapper/CEO Pharell. Hi Pharell :) .

It’s never a pretty issue divorce, as you can see by the constant Deion and Pilar drama the comes on weekly on MTO. That is why, I question would I ever take that leap of faith. Well, heres hoping Tameka can pulled some old stunts, out her old hat box and stop this. Or maybe she should just move on.

Maybach Music HNIC made his way to Dallas, Texas, to give from what I hear, was a great concert! The rapper, who just recently signed R&B crooner Omarion, had just came in from a signing party from Atlanta. It was at a sold out concert at Beamers nightclub in Dallas. He is not the only rapper who will be in the city of Cowboys. Rappers Drake and 2 Chainz will be there Wednesday for the Paradise Tour. You can catch them at the after party at club Zouk. Go to for more info on tickets and tables…

Rapper/Mogul Jay-Z has extended his support to President Obama for the legalization of gay marriage. I myself am pretty surprised, only due to the backlash people will receive for supporting this issue. Even though, the country is pretty liberal, it isn’t that relaxed about ideals and politics. This certainly will shake some things up a bit with the under 35 crowd in response to the matter. Jay-Z in a discussion with CNN, stated “I’ve always thought it at something that was still holding the country back”. He basically went on to say what people did in their own homes is none of his business. I think that was outstanding of Jay-Z to step up and support the president.

With elections on the way, Obama has embraced Gay marriage for this coming election. Whether you agree or not, you have to admit this is an issue that needs to be dealt with. Mostly, in my opinion for equality. We can’t say as a country we do not discriminate against race, gender or sexual orientation; then not legalize marriage. I personally feel as though it should be legal, just to offer benefits to people who chose to be homosexual. It’s not fair that they can live in a union that is accepted on by paper by agencies. Are we really free if we can’t marry who we want? There was a time that Blacks were depicted as 3/5 human in laws. It was forbidden for blacks to marry each other, let alone someone of a different race, not that long ago. We can no longer just sweep homosexuality under the rug it has been here since water. So with that being said, people need to offer the rights that marriage encompasses to homosexuals too.