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Just in case your ass is on late bus time, there was a bottle brawl involving rapletes, Chris Brown, Meek Mill and Drake. It has yet to be confirmed what all took place. Just know Chris got hurt, Drake hid in a bathroom n Meek Mill kicked some hoes off the tour bus. Which also left two victims, in the bottle melee.


Meek Mill went and told… that Drake nor Chris Brown threw anything… Well duh, did we expect him to admit he seen some grown men doing women’s work in the club? I have no idea what happened but somebody is about to get a check. Wish it was me!! I would have loved to have hit myself in the stomach and got me some lap band surgery.

Nothing epic ever happens when I got out!! One thing for CERTAIN Rihanna needs to be putting whatever is inside her coochie on the market!! Well at any rate stay tuned and find out what happens next on the Rapper Wives…

Dallas, a beautiful city full of life has a plethora of music influences and artistic outlets. One artist on a mission to achieve fame, is The Jett Show, a veteran like myself that has a sound that is his own.

The Minority Report is a heavily anticipated work from the rapper. Featuring production from Lex Luger, Youngstarr and Trackbangas. Also other artists like, Ace Mitch and Big Hud. With way more features on this mixtape, it’s a great mix tape and should be downloaded today!

Check out video, She aint Gettin in and stay tuned for more from the rapper…