Amber Rose is still trying to get in her last few words of her relationship with Kanye, as if that wasn’t 5 years ago. I checked out the story on NY Daily News. Essentially, Rose told Star Magazine that Kim was a “Homewrecker”. That Kim was sending emails, and pictures (we can assume naked) to her then boyfriend, Kanye West. Supposedly, while Kim was still with Reggie Bush.

Amber Rose then goes on to say that, she did break up with Kanye and Kim broke up with Reggie. After all this took place, (LAWD THE MESS) she then met up with Reggie Bush and they did have a small hooking up session. (Yall smashed in the name of vengeance)

Ok, like what the fcuk? How does Amber Rose, no excuse me, why does Amber Rose feel compelled to share this with the class years later? What in buzz cut hell, does this have to do with anything currently? She says, she wanted to thank Kim for cheating, otherwise she wouldn’t have found her scarecrow Wiz Khalifah. Well, damn bitch if you’re so happy why are you even talking about it?

Oh I know, pick me! Pick me! After the failed attempt at Ford, the failed attempt at a reality show, failed attempt at a shades line. You need relevancy. I’m sure hanging on the wings of Wiz, is not only hard in general due to weight but he’s just not Kanye. I get it boo, you want you own little light to shine, but this is not the answer.

What’s done in the dark comes to light, but this wasn’t the right time or your light to really shine. If you are happy with Wiz go be happy, quit worrying about what Kim is doing. Clearly she has that whole staying relevant thing down to a science… Or hmmm, is this because it’s rumored Kim K and Reggie Bush are getting back together…Blah too many dumb, not needed reasons.

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  • Sjoyreed

    I would not fuck behind either of those chicks – hell to the no!

  • Rmurphyiii