I don’t know if this is an open letter, a rant or what but I feel like this needs to be said. We as women have got to stop accepting whatever a man gives us, on the premise of “being lonely”. You are more than a piece of ass, so why allow yourself to be treated as such?

A piece of ass doesn’t birth nations!! In case you are wondering what the 3am to 5am chick is, let me break it down. You are the woman he calls just for sex. Typical operating hours are from 3am to 5am but maybe the two of you have worked out other times. We ARE ALL gulity of this, maybe you felt it was ok because you were “just having fun”…”getting an orgasm”…”he pays a bill”. I can go on and on about this but basically, it is just a sexual thing between the two of you.

Ladies, we have to stop being objectified to this degree. Until we demand more, this is all we will get. I’m sure you have friends that enjoy your company longer than a couple hours, so why can’t he? Once you see that is all a man wants from you is something sexual, by all means cut his ass loose. Why do we invest in auto insurance, health insurance etc and we can’t invest in our own emotional stability? It’s great to have sex with a man, but it’s so much better when it’s with someone who cares.

STOP playing yourself, when you love yourself, it makes it easy for someone else to love you.

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