First and for most, I want this to be discussed critically, I welcome feedback. I am not giving my opinion based on something I read about or heard about. This is personal, because this involves a part of my own life. Recently, model Pebblez Da Model was arrested on charges of homicide due to butt-injections.(She is to be considered innocent until proven guilty) Now, being that I knew her personally I was taken aback by this news, so immediately I investigated the matter. Apparently a young woman from Atlanta was murdered when she received butt-injections packed with cement. My goodness, CEMENT!! The stuff you lay on sidewalks that last for years. SOMEONE, negligently put this is a human’s body. Where was this person’s moral compass? But wait; let me take you back to a place, so you can familiarize yourself with why I think this is so inhumane.

June of 2006, I recently got out of the military and embarked on what I feel now to be a foolish, yet inspiring journey. I began dancing, I was about 140 pounds or smaller and had ZERO behind. I mean the thong was baggy. This situation of having no ass was bad, Michael Jackson BAD. So I had a friend that referred me to a person (no names) that administered me about $700 worth of shots. Now, being that I had no butt I didn’t want to go from ZERO to 60 overnight. I felt, a little bump would get me by. First of all, let me tell you about this needle. This needle had to be horse needle; I have NEVER seen anything this big in my life. I would say that the part of the needle that actually goes inside of you is about 6 inches long. Let’s talk about the pain, this person, told me for an extra couple hundred dollars she could numb the area. I foolishly declined, thinking that I was tough. I screamed like a skillet was being shoved in my butt no KY. That’s exactly how it felt. She put whatever, (To this day I have no idea what was put in my butt, we will get back to this) I mean Jello, peanut butter, gelatin, silly putty could possibly be swag surfing in my butt to this day. BUT, I will say that what I saw looked clearish and after about 9 shots, in both of my cheeks I could barely walk. She sealed the shots with super glue and stuck a cotton ball on the end. She then told me to soak the cotton balls off that night. Well, being the fast, flight catching heffa, I was at the time. I had to wobble to the airport to make a flight. AS SOON as I got to my destination I soaked off the cotton balls. I remember the dude I went to see was like, “did you get shots?” I remembered feeling good because I felt like, I FINALLY HAD A BIG BUTT.

Naivety and low self-esteem are the things I attribute to hazardously placing foreign matter in my body. In the three years that I danced, I had seen girls go from sticks to build a bears. Well, build a strippers. Even women who were just modeling, or just wanted an enhancement all came looking for the cheap alternative for getting an ass. Let me tell you something, my butt is bigger now than it ever was. I say it was because of natural body changes and squats. I now have to worry about some foreign matter in my body that could possibly make me ill, for a few years of “living the life” or “dancing”. I always get girls emailing me asking where they can get shots. Mainly because I am an open book, I feel no need to live in shame of my choices. Maybe this story can inspire just one girl from making this possibly life threatening choice. It was dumb, I regret it. I would NEVER recommend this to any girl. Love your future health and you more than some man’s objectivity. That money you are investing into a butt, so some raggedy man can say you are fine, invest it in your teeth, your hair, your skin. TRUST when I say someone will like you for you, no need to conform your body to make someone else temporarily happy. Looks fade, but work on something that lasts like your soul.

No back alley, mystery concoction, is worth your health. I sit and wonder in 20, 30 years will all of us, who made that life choice feel as pleased. Now having to watch our health for things swimming in our blood stream. Now if you want to go to a REAL doctor and get those enhancements done. By all means knock yourself out. I am not opposed to plastic surgery. Then I wonder about Pebblez, who is now sitting in jail. Does she feel responsible for this other woman’s death? Even if she just referred the girl, she is somehow responsible in my opinion. All of us, who have gotten this done know that this is illegal and could possibly have some health ramifications. So we are all guilty to some degree for not being proactive about the dangers of this situation. For going and getting bigger butts so we can feel accomplished when Drake walks in the club and demands the girls with the biggest butts. What a joke. This lifestyle is so fickle and not one you can make a career out of. Invest in yourself ladies, not things that fade like simple butt shots. It’s just not worth it.

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  • Kenden74

    Wow…I was so skinny in high school…I was jealous of my sister and cousin for a long time because the guys would look at them and ignore me because I didn’t have a shape…I thought about implants (breasts and butt) until I had my first kid…I got it all and was miserable lol! I don’t know how you curvy women cart all that around all the time!!! You were very open about why you got shots and I commend you for sharing your story…maybe all these younger girls will see this and learn to appreciate and work with what was given to them naturally

  • DSmoove

    great perspective

  • Kisha Jones

    Men will continue to objectify us because we encourage it. We allow men to set our standards for us. I’m glad I’ve grown to accept myself. This was a very insightful article. These young girls and young adults need to read this.

  • age

    awww. so many want your shape. sad that it is causing you pain. maybe squats and working on your back muscles will help. thanks for sharing tho

  • sweetumz007

    My waist is a 34 and my thighs are 46 everybody is getting ass injections and im tryna get rid of mines it causes back pains and my sciatic nerve is pinched due to this big ass shit im so over it and mines is natural no injections be happy with wat god has given u cosmetic surgery can kill u in the end especially underground procedures.

  • TiffC

    I’m so happy you shared your personal experience, to shed light on the dangers and cautions of these shots, when i was in high school i weighed 165 lbs standing at 5`11 i was athletic so i was more Toned,and Serenity to your health and lifelove how I felt and looked but my friends jokingly made me feel insecure because i was bigger than them, so I stopped eating And had the worst self esteem smh, im now a mother of two weighing 135 I wanted that high school weight back so I considered butt shots and behold I felt the strength to,love me for who I am flaws and all, appreciate your kind blunt giving word, may peace anf

  • Raquel White

    I curse the day Sir Mix a lot put out that song and all the dumb ass men who keep viewing women as just body parts. i will be so glad when this ass obsession is over.

  • Tiaracb19

    You stated you did squats and your butt got BIGGER. So would recommend exercise to get a big butt? Shots aren’t for me I want one the natural way.

    Please respond to my email.

  • 1unknownsol

    Thanks for sharing your story…all the chicks on Instagram should read this.

  • Rachel Smith

    Wondering why stories like this, aren’t around more for people to see I couldn’t stop reading I think this is an amazing story an has made wanna me push even more…and when we watch the stars on tv talk about big butts and a certain body type it makes others feel their not good enough because they r not like that..everyone is different and men like women of all different shapes an sizes…but love yourself 1st x x

  • Bridgetth_408

    Z this was really inspiring!!!! Keep up the good work :D

  • Nasty Ass

    You are very courageous to share your of it were humorous as well! Thank you for your transparency! Love ya! ~Biglilkim

  • Courtney

    Great read Zee….. If you can save one girl then your job here is accomplished. I admire your honesty and hustle…. I love ya and miss ya….keep up the good work…see ya soon


  • castingstones2

    Thanks for your honesty and courage.

  • Sapphire Blue

    On Top of your Internal and External Beauty you are Extremely Intelligent as well as Brave to share your story with everyone! It takes a Real Stand up person to give the Real Deal on what the Negative aspect of getting a procedure like this done. Especially Important for our younger generation of Ladies coming up in a a doggy dog world that are exploited from a very young age into this society to know how Important it is to do thorough research before they get involved with something that can ruin their lives forever! Lets us unite to create a Better world for our children b/c they will be standing at the end of it all! Thank you for your insight and wisdom! You are a strong positive influence that makes a difference every time this article crosses someone’s path!

  • CloserRi

    This is a very insightful article love. My mind set has always been “Each one teach one”. I’m extremely proud of you.

  • Nikitaunique

    I really felt like getting butt shots because I am 130. and it seem like its in but like you said its not worth it I’m happy now


    Great Post Zeralyn…I applaud you for your sincerity and honesty…Many will hear what you are saying but yield to the screams of the world and their insecurities to make the alternative choice…We would think with all the examples of wrong proceeding before us that we would take those warning and make better choices but I am a firm believer that if we do not identify the cause we will continue to suffer from its affects….This enlightening post is the start and can be used as a catalyst to assist those who are in search of birthing a more meaningful life without the atrocities of pleasure pleasing those who sincerely do not care about the well-being of those putting themselves at risk! Thank You!!!


    Great Post Zeralyn…I applaud you for your sincerity and honesty…Many will hear what you are saying but yield to the screams of the world and their insecurities to make the alternative choice…We would think with all the examples of wrong proceeding before us that we would take those warning and make better choices but I am a firm believer that if we do not identify the cause we will continue to suffer from its affects….This enlightening post is the start and can be used as a catalyst to assist those who are in search of birthing a more meaningful life without the atrocities of pleasure pleasing those who sincerely do not care about the well-being of those putting themselves at risk! Thank You!!!

  • Mzlb

    Why not just get a Brazilian butt lift if having an ass is so important? Any man that finds Pebblez oversized disproportionate horse booty attractive should swan dive off a cliff. All this overhype about booty I believe is on the media’s agenda of making women feel insecure…the same reason why some women have anorexia to try & fit in with the media’s view of what’s attractive. First it was the fake tits now it’s an ass epidemic thanks to the media glorifying non black women like J-lo, Kim K & CoCo…just be yourself and embrace God’s creation He makes no mistakes!

  • Kenath Cotton

    Let all round these women up and take there ass to church..Most of these women have kids and there kids will think this shit is normal..Wake Up Call When your a stripper and you get ass shots to swell up your booty so you can shake your ass for the dope boys and jail birds..use your brain ladies ..past 21 there is a 41 past 41 there is a 60 and threw the years your kids watch you they can go to jail or go to college its all on the choices you make with your MIND,SOUL And YES EVEN YOUR BODY how your kids view you…WAKE UP LITTLE KIDS BECOME WOMEN…

  • Mscm2013


    God bless. I hope you don’t become ill from whatever was injected into you.

    I don’t really feel that Pebblz is partially responsible for the death of the young lady who lost her life. I think she’s an opportunist. I think she is sleazy (my opinion) for taking money to lead this woman to a back room monster like the one who injected her with cement. But as you stated in your piece (thank you for sharing), everyone getting this done know the risks involved. They voluntarily walked into a back alley booty shot shop, paid their money, and dropped their drawers for a shot of God knows what.

    How can you say that Pebblz is partially guilty for referring girls to get injected and not feel some guilt yourself? You’re not referring girls or making a profit the way Pebblz was. But you have not turned in the person who injected you. (Or have you. Correct me if I’m wrong). Some may feel that your not turning that person in is negligent on your part.

    Again, I hope you or the others injected by this person never get sick. But what if someone does?

    You can limit the risk to others by dropping a dime on this loser and letting the authorities get this idiot and his/her horse needle full of poison off the streets and in jail where they can’t hurt anyone.

    Sharing your story is a great help IMO. However, you can truly make a difference by getting the unlicensed individual who injected you off the streets. If this was my story I would not feel that I’d done enough. I would turn the person in. Call me a snitch or whatever. I don’t really care. I’m not a fan of the stop snitching mind set.

    There are a lot of girls out there who’s self esteem is in the seat of their pants, literally. Many of them believe that a fake ass will get them love, fame, and riches. Many of the people who walk through the doors of the person who injected you will probably never read your story. Many will read it and say, “$700! I didn’t know ass shots was that cheap!” and go right out and ask around for someone who will booty-fy them for a few hundred dollars.

    I’m not attacking you or judging. Just offering a different perspective on the situation. I appreciate you supplying the forum to raise awareness and foster discussion on this situation. I wonder how many sisters have compromised their health by getting shots. How many are disfigured, living in pain and shame- because of some backroom mad scientist with a horse needle and some medical grade (WE HOPE) silicone?

    Again thanks for sharing and be blessed.

  • MrCEO625

    # SALUTE to you Zeralyn for opening up like you did and giving a glimpse into the thought process that makes a girl wanna even try the shots. Hopefully it helps some girl decide against making that decision & to you I pray health & prosperity

  • KingCakeyP

    I respect how you opened up about your own experiences. Not too many people share them. I hope this helps someone. Even if it is just ONE. Women need to realize there is nothing wrong with being yourself. 

  • speaking of

    the fact that you made yourself an open book I respect that and I don’t know you from Adam…hopefully your story is an inspiration to young girls to open their eyes and realize no back alley surgeon can give them whats already within them. Hopefully someone reads this and goes to an actual surgeon…thanks for opening up on your experiences cause obviously you have learnt from it….

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  • Keyric1

    Man……mad mad respect for this young lady….this is the definition of REAL

  • Gohustlerrk

    Realist shit ever