How can you not love this face? I mean I tingle and my heart does a jingle just looking at it. Here are my reasons for James Harden being my #MCW (Man Crush Wednesday)… First of all, if it could work for Andre Drummond and Jenette Mccurdy why not me?!

!. James looks like he he’s nonchalant, he didn’t even comb his hair…
2. James is known to pay a few bills and Lord knows Im tired of my mom’s basement.
3. James is in the NBA I don’t like sports but I love drinking with white people in suites.
4. James always has bad chicks around, great opportunity for me to feel on a bunch of hot chicks.
5. James teeth look like they are sharp he’d be great for opening things around the house.
6. James pays bills did I mention that?
7. James loves the strip club… me too!!
8. James can sing :)
9. Did I mention the bills part
10. James aint got no kids!!

Welp here’s my #MCW salute to Mr Harden… Hey boo :)

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  • 5411r90

    Zeralyn you are not serious about this caveman’s singing.

  • Renee G

    LOL shut up with this song!