Hmmm first of all let me say that I am a Christian, so I’m not speaking from an “outside the box” point of view. This show seems pretty interesting and I am indeed going to tune in. The reason is preachers get such a bad rap, so I am very curious as to what this show is going to do, to dispel those rumors. If they in fact can or will they show the side people love to criticize. Thoughts that they are money grubbing, hypocrites, who are flashy and indeed the biggest sinners. Anyone can be what I described but I must admit a preacher should be held to a higher standard.

In the clip one of the pastors state …”rappers shouldn’t be the only ones driving a Ferrari”. I definitely agree with this statement, I think that if a pastor is responsible for the lives of thousands of people he should drive whatever his heart desires. I do think that anyone who is living a good life, who praises God should have what they desire. I don’t get into the semantics of who is a sinner, and this or that is bad. I just feel like you should be a good samaritan, willing to help others, selfless. None of us will ever be perfect, we will always inevitably do something “wrong”. So, pastors, preachers, you and I will never be perfect and we can and will make mistakes.


Well it looks pretty entertaining and I plan to watch and take notes. Watch a preview, and set your DVR for Wednesday Oct 9th at 9pmCST. Hopefully they catch and old lady shouting so hard her wig falls off.

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