So is DMX auditioning for one of Miley’s twerking bears or what? The 67 year old former rapper was spotted getting loose in a Ramada Inn. No info as to why he was there, maybe they had a sale on crack. I’m not surprised though after what I saw on Iyanla Fix My Life. He’s clearly too far gone off the drugs to make a reasonable come back to just living, let alone the rap game.

I think this is hilarious because I’m pretty sure if this wasn’t drug related it would have been a hilarious prank. It’s sad to watch though as a young harlot, I would watch Belly
and pelvic thrust as he would grunt and things throughout the movie. I hope he can get some help soon though, it’s like watching a train crash.

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  • Zeralyn

    who cares lol

  • Anthony Inniss

    DMX is 42!