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As an actual fan of the song, I was a bit disturbed to see the video. I understand the whole concept of dressing up and make believe but its something about this video I was just not feeling. Maybe it was Katy Perry, Maybe it was juicy J. I don’t know, there were some obvious blatant stereotypes, but I expect that from HollyWeird.

One of my favorite people to do parody, Bart Baker does it again in this parody of Dark Horse and actually touches on a few of the funny things happening in her life. Watch and don’t forget to check out his other videos.


So every guy would love to get some obedience training for his unruly mutt, excuse me I meant girlfriend. With the success of Dog Whisperer, I do think it’s rather strange a network hasn’t tried their hand at a tv show about getting your mate on task. I personally would love a show that would teach me how to get my boyfriend to put the toilet seat down, without me having to thump him on the fatty part on the back of his head.

Maybe this will be insightful to couples who need to probably call it quits but just don’t have the money to leave yet. Or, couples who are staying with their boo until something better comes along. Wait, I think most of us are doing that, never mind. Any who, enjoy this laugh featuring some comics.

Look, I think Coco is the finest white woman walking but this stiff ass rendition of what was supposed to be a twerk, had me looking at her like I was watching fishes flop for dying air. GIRL WHAT?! All the black sausage link you’ve had for years and thats the best throw it back you could muster up? I really hope you were keeping it safe for TV. In good news, it looked soft and bouncy while they were all up there patting and poking on her butt.

Please watch as Coco shows the viewers of The Real how she twerks. I’m not sure if she thought she was doing it better than Miley but nah…. It was about what and what. They want to see a white women twerk accurately they better look at Amber Rose’s bachelorette party video. I give this is -3 on a scale of 1-10. She’s out here serving athritic, 16 year old wasted white girl calling it “twerking”…You better not like this mess.


So is DMX auditioning for one of Miley’s twerking bears or what? The 67 year old former rapper was spotted getting loose in a Ramada Inn. No info as to why he was there, maybe they had a sale on crack. I’m not surprised though after what I saw on Iyanla Fix My Life. He’s clearly too far gone off the drugs to make a reasonable come back to just living, let alone the rap game.

I think this is hilarious because I’m pretty sure if this wasn’t drug related it would have been a hilarious prank. It’s sad to watch though as a young harlot, I would watch Belly
and pelvic thrust as he would grunt and things throughout the movie. I hope he can get some help soon though, it’s like watching a train crash.

Like on a serious note, what the hell is wrong with Beyonce’s fans? I love Beyonce, I even gave her a birthday shout out on Twitter. But, I’m not about to grab her like she owes me some rent money. That’s just looney as hell. Like take your meds, smoke a blunt, something before you go to the concert. So you can control your crazy enough to not be snatching at this lady like she got the last ticket to heaven.

We all know Queen Bey was in mid lip-sync so she had to carry on wasn’t like she could stop and cuss the fool out. I’m glad he just aint get my boo’s lace front. This is my plea to all of Bey’s fans who are looney tunes please don’t hurt her. We need her…

Shout out to my weave girl Jazzy J…. check out her awesome hair and prices on …Found this sad little gem on BOSSIP. A pastor in Waco, Texas (a whole lot of radical religious folks live there) decided that he was fed up with some of the church members struggling to pay bills but had $300 remy in their head. He decided to impose on them a rule of no weave. I’m not sure about the members but I feel like he’s out of control. He should offer up some common sense classes, because there is no reason your weave costs $300 but your lights are off anyway.

As I myself am being weave free, I feel as though there is a level of freedom without 12 ounces of hair on your head. I just think everyone looks alike right now. Everyone has 30inch weave, I don’t know why anyone wants to look like a stripper all day, but do you boo. But, in the case of this pastor he needs to worry about the souls of his members and not stupid things like their weaves.

Seems as though 2 Chainz just can’t catch a break… He said the Feds were watching and apparently someone was last night in OKC they pulled over his tour bus and obtained a warrant. 2 Chains along with his bus were arrested. Not sure what the charges were but I’m sure it wasn’t for being fresh as hell.

Didn’t he just get chain snatched a few months back? I mean to say he has a degree, he’s doing some ding dong type of things. Even if he is just eluding to being watched, he knows that being a celeb, especially a rapper is a target. You are 90 feet tall with black ropes all over your head, sir you know you stand out.

I just don’t understand why after the T.I. and Wayne incidents any rapper would be traveling so wildly. Just chill till you get to where you are going or smoke in the back. BE MORE CAREFUL!!

Well well well… According to TMZ … This Marriage had many rounds of turbulence since its conception. With it being said in 2011 she called him the N word and so forth. So they got divorced. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO why is he still with her if she’s so crazy?! Men love a crazy chick.

Apparently the “former couple” took a trip to Costa Rica, where his ex-wife Michelle Ghent, said he threatened to kill her. (I’m sorry all I can think of is whoop dat trick from Hustle and Flow) None the less, he asserts that she is looney tunes and suffers from paranoia. He states she was hospitalized for suicide just a couple months ago.

Well I hope the “former couple” can either get some extreme intervention from a therapist or they need to just let it go. Toxic relationships aren’t good for your soul and can cause health issues in the long run. Find peace in your life.


Caribiana weekend in Toronto brings errrybody out. Ballers, Athletes, Strippers and pretty girls that just like to  party. If you’ve ever been to Drakes hometown of Toronto then you know gorgeous girls are in abundance there. Must be something in the water. However I heard the star players are out there actin an entire fool. I knew there was a reason the lord didn’t allow me to make it to Toronto. The Devil certainly tried it though.

One NBA megastar in particular happened to be actively recruiting women at the Caribana parade for an after party at their hotel. Any type of hotel after party is strictly for the “get down”. Now this would be all fine and well if said athlete didn’t just propose to his long time girlfriend/mother of his kids. He seems to be very crafty, as any pics that surfaced has been with him and his boys with no chicks in sight, but we know different.

The real tea is the Athlete’s security looked through every girls phone making sure they weren’t sneaking pictures of him doin his dirt. He ended up leaving his invite only party with a car full of chicks to head to the After-AFTER party.

Now catch that dirt.

Who is he?

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