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Keeping things interesting in a relationship can get kind of hard after it’s been a few years. We easily fall into routines and before you know it, it’s been months since the two of you have done something special for each other or really gone the extra mile in bed. If you find yourself in a similar boat, it’s time to start spicing things up. Refocus your attention on your relationship and reap the benefits of putting your sex life first again. like it was in the beginning. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for one year of twenty, there is always room for improvement and creativity in your love life. Follow these tips to do just that.

Go on dates again.
You don’t have to schedule weekly date nights, but take a few nights a month to really make each other feel special. Get dressed up and plan surprises for one another. You can stay in and have a romantic dinner at home or you can hit the town and try new restaurants. Break out of the norm and go places you’ve never gone before. This will help ignite a spark between the two of you again. Turn it up even more by meeting up with your spouse in public and seducing them, as if you’re meeting for the first time.

Step outside of the bedroom.
A good way to recharge your sex life is to leave the bedroom and explore different sexy locales. Hit up the couch, the laundry room or kitchen counter. You could even get things going when you’re out at the movies, a party or at a park. Tease them enough by getting them turned on and showing them how much you want them; they’ll be begging to get you home or at least back to your car.

Get in shape together.
Working out releases pheromones–you know, those nifty little hormones that attract us to one another. By working out together, you’re not only getting in better shape, which will make you feel better when you’re naked, but you’re also physically attracting your mate to you. You turn up your body temperature and in turn, turn up the the heat between the two of you. You don’t have to be confined to the gym either, grab some kayaks, some dancing shoes or go rock climbing.

Pick up some sexy lingerie.
Is your partner used to seeing you in pajamas and sweatpants? Get them excited by coming to bed in a lacy number or in a corset and thigh highs. If you’re not sure of the look you’re after, spend some time searching for looks online and see what resonates with you. Be sure to get something that you feel confident in. You won’t feel comfortable with yourself if you’re worried about how you look.

While you’re at it, pick up some new toys.
Maybe you and your partner already use toys or maybe you don’t, either way, head out and pick up a new one or two. If you’re new the game, start off slow with a simple cock ring or g-spot vibrator. If you’re experienced, maybe kick it up a notch with bondage kit or anal beads. Toys are a sure fire way to spice up your bedroom routine and a great way to get out of a sexual rut. Jump over to Adam & Eve if you’re in need of good toy options.

Finally, take time to make out.
It seems a little strange to call out, but after awhile kissing seems to fall by the wayside. There is no longer a sexy make out session to build upon; it’s straight from kissing to foreplay. Bring back the teenage fun and spend the night making out. Don’t go to bed, just stay on the couch, kissing and teasing each other. You’ll be clawing at each other before long.

I don’t know if this is an open letter, a rant or what but I feel like this needs to be said. We as women have got to stop accepting whatever a man gives us, on the premise of “being lonely”. You are more than a piece of ass, so why allow yourself to be treated as such?

A piece of ass doesn’t birth nations!! In case you are wondering what the 3am to 5am chick is, let me break it down. You are the woman he calls just for sex. Typical operating hours are from 3am to 5am but maybe the two of you have worked out other times. We ARE ALL gulity of this, maybe you felt it was ok because you were “just having fun”…”getting an orgasm”…”he pays a bill”. I can go on and on about this but basically, it is just a sexual thing between the two of you.

Ladies, we have to stop being objectified to this degree. Until we demand more, this is all we will get. I’m sure you have friends that enjoy your company longer than a couple hours, so why can’t he? Once you see that is all a man wants from you is something sexual, by all means cut his ass loose. Why do we invest in auto insurance, health insurance etc and we can’t invest in our own emotional stability? It’s great to have sex with a man, but it’s so much better when it’s with someone who cares.

STOP playing yourself, when you love yourself, it makes it easy for someone else to love you.

Awww the teen power couple hit the Espy’s last night. They look all cute and glowing…Umm, am I the only one who is worried about about all the time they spend together? Have they released a statement on if they are boinking or not? Not that i’m into under age lesbian sex. But all this time together and considering most teens are having sex. They might need to be a little careful. I am plus positive Selena would have to go into protective custody.

Well, I hope they are being safe I would hate for her to have to deal with the wrath of his teen spirit stick.


Dez please pull em DOWN!

COME GET YOU SOME (my radio show with past weeks surprise guest, Dez Bryant is soooo fine. He recently was kicked out of Northpark Pall in Dallas. However he reported that, it wasn’t him who received the citation.

None the less, I saw him last night at Kinki lounge (shot out to Barry and Ron of Partychasers) where I spoke to him briefly. His pants were in fact pulled up. But hey I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t mind them pulled all the way down!!!

Possibly thinking the same thing were the groupies who surrounded him, but unlike many other NFL rookies. Dez, paid them no mind. I was impressed, I heard he had a fiancee, lucky her!

Welp sir, if your ever at my mall please feel free to do as you please…LOL..I kid!


So I hear things heated up for Nelly and Kelly on the set for the new video, GONE… I could just deep down hate Ashanti, or just really want Nelly to settle down but either way I like this look…I don’t know how well an Aquarius and Scorpio would work out..But, from my secret sources I hear NELLY puts it all the way down.. And, if I know anything about an Aquarius they are freaky themselves lol. I mean, Nelly you are 36 its time to wrap it up B and if your going to keep playing hide and seek with Ashanti can you just STOP and be with Kelly…

I know for a FACT someone from Nelly’s camp reads my blog so “_______” can you tell him that I want this in 2011. I want Kelly and Nelly to be together or in the least, exchange FCUK faces…