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If you are like me and tired of being a thot or searching for them… WALLAH!! Heres a report including some ideas for great vacations including Memorial Day weekend Getaways… Including Dominican Republic, Myrtle Beach and Chicago. Now if you are looking for a hoodtastic, freaknik of a time may I suggest the typical options Miami, Vegas and Black Bike Week.

I myself with be in the Bahamas… But if you waited please be advised Groupon and Trip Advisor are some great places to find good deals. I think the best deals include all inclusive so that you can eat, drink and do some adventures.

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I am sure a lot of you snoozed through history, but lets hope you paid attention to the story of the Tuskegee Airmen… The story of the first black military aviators to enter into the military. They fought not only World War II but, racial equality this is a beautiful story about those brave men. George Lucas, produced the film and largely put up the money into this project. He began working on this film as early as 1988…WOW! Damn near 30 years later it is released.

I hope you all go see this wonderful film with great actors such as, Terrance Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr. If you didn’t know already George Lucas gets down with the swirl. His girlfriend is black, Melody Hobson is a very successful business woman.

Watch the clip from the movie and make sure you go out and support such a great movie!!! I’m going later today


2011 Shades Collection ft actress Lashontae Heckard

YESSSSSSS Hunni! Check out the prettyful, fashion forward designs of Dallas designer Jamie Dionne. You can check out all her pieces on her website, … So all my fashionistas make sure you check out the site and get a pair of shades to wear very soon!

NETWORKS 2011 Jamie Dionne Collection

Oh, Keri....

 Well if you know me, you know I think Keri is gorgeous and probably needs a few rounds of ass shots…Call Matt in ATL boo! But even still shes a wonderful writer… Photoed above you see her channeling a high school adaptation of DREAMGIRLS..Cute, I guess but that whole 60′s singer approach has been done over and over again.Lets get to the real bread and butter of my problem with Keri.THAT SINGING! I must admit it has come very far from the beginning of her career, where she lost her mind and came for Beyonce’s stolen pieces. LOL but seriously though congrats to her on hitting that 102K in her first week and I hope she continues to get Gold at least… OH, here’s the clip from David Letterman…ENJOY! Get her album No Boys Allowed in Stores Now!

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YESSSSSS LAWDDDDDDDD… im pretty sure that this was pre planned, lol but who cares! I don’t KNOW anyone who stretches like this but yes honey! Check her out at Dreams in Houston giving the strip game THE bizness!

Most rappers have backgrounds in which they had to hustle, or even sell drugs and then their are those who just love hip hop. I bring you such an artist, L.C. my featured artist, who indeed does possess a doctorate degree… Well if that’s not an accomplishment within itself. Born in Zachary, LA the rapper cultivated his musical aspirations while at Morehouse college. His first on scene banger was recorded with the late rapper Nu$$ie, “Hardest Nigga“…

As a noted “King of the Strip Club” his songs gained notoriety quickly. Songs like “Im a Freak” (that Dallas DJ, DJ Asap is spinning) and “Porn Star” … He currently is signed to Crucial Ent and works closely with PDX (Phunk Dawg Xclusive). With already having high succes in his medical career, he hopes to cross his parttern of achievement into the world of Hip-Hop. Check out 225′s own L.C. a star on the rise.

Slim Thug Tha Thug Show

Last night at Dallas Gentlemans Club there was a release party for rapper Slim Thug… Joined by K104FM new Program Director George Cook and Radio Personality Bay Bay. Shawn Marion was in the building  along with Dorrough, Big Cheif and numerous Cowboy players…It was very packed event,where Slim Thug performed live at the end of the night. Now I know what yall are thinking, did Slim and Shawn spend money…Yes hahahahaha im sure they both were wondering if I was going to go in.

This new album is so nice, from So High with B.O.B to How We Do It, with Rick Ross. And the loved, Gangsta ft Z-Ro…The entire album reflects the rapper’s Southern Boss style.  Highly recommended for all he true hip hop fans….


Sherri Shepherd - Permission Slips

Sherri Shepherd, co-host of ABC’s Emmy Award-winning talk show ‘The View,’ must-read memoir about life’s hard lessons. Permission Slips – Every Woman’s Guide To Giving Herself A Break is a very funny, relatable and inspiring book. I definitely feel like its a book the average woman can relate to. The idea of the book is set up for you immediately, learn to give yourself permission to not be perfect. I know that many of us as women are so critical of ourselves and eachother. Yet, this book offers you an opportunity comically look at the feelings you have about your life and chose to take a break from all the scrutiny.

Sherrie, like most of us had a challenging upbringing and hard life but she was able to turn it around. Currently,  in such a lovely position that she has today. I really feel as though her story is one that can give a person who has forgotten or stopped chasing their dreams the inspiration to continue.With her blunt yet wit laced writing skills she sets a consistent tone, never give up…

Here are a few memorable quotes from the book…

“You know the at-least girl..Shes’e the one who makes you say,  atleast my man ain’t doing that”

“Sometimes men are right, especially when they’re telling us who they are.”

The book discusses her battle with her weight and diabetes…Along with the challenges she faced working on The View. Its a great book and I hope you all will go out and get it and learn to give yourself permission to learn, grow and make mistakes…

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