How can you not love Janelle Monae she is absolutely stunning. I got to see her live during Essence Festival she definitely put on a show. She reminded me of James Brown, Prince and Lenny Kravitz. She’s definitely a breath or fresh air.

The Electric Lady is the second studio album by American recording artist Janelle Monáe, released on September 6, 2013 by Wondaland Arts Society and Bad Boy Records.

Hmmm first of all let me say that I am a Christian, so I’m not speaking from an “outside the box” point of view. This show seems pretty interesting and I am indeed going to tune in. The reason is preachers get such a bad rap, so I am very curious as to what this show is going to do, to dispel those rumors. If they in fact can or will they show the side people love to criticize. Thoughts that they are money grubbing, hypocrites, who are flashy and indeed the biggest sinners. Anyone can be what I described but I must admit a preacher should be held to a higher standard.

In the clip one of the pastors state …”rappers shouldn’t be the only ones driving a Ferrari”. I definitely agree with this statement, I think that if a pastor is responsible for the lives of thousands of people he should drive whatever his heart desires. I do think that anyone who is living a good life, who praises God should have what they desire. I don’t get into the semantics of who is a sinner, and this or that is bad. I just feel like you should be a good samaritan, willing to help others, selfless. None of us will ever be perfect, we will always inevitably do something “wrong”. So, pastors, preachers, you and I will never be perfect and we can and will make mistakes.


Well it looks pretty entertaining and I plan to watch and take notes. Watch a preview, and set your DVR for Wednesday Oct 9th at 9pmCST. Hopefully they catch and old lady shouting so hard her wig falls off.

By groupie I’m talking female, never forget that there are more male groupies lingering than females. I will never forget the day I was low key trampled at a Wayne concert by a group of thirsty men. But THIS my friends are for the females the ones with a plan, a purpose driven life. Those who plan to get the main prize not just a quick night of fun. Which, i must say I can respect a chick with a plan more than I can one who is just doing these guys for the hell of it.

Anywho watch the clip with comedians Janet Dollar, Karlous Miller and myself. Shot by Lonnie with Funarios a part of Two Girls And A Fork Comedy.

Say What? Cee-Lo Green the rapper, singer, actor, producer and current judge on The Voice is trying to add another accolade to his list. Dare we say stand -up comedian… That’s right, the 39 year old has done something so many people aspire to do but just don’t have the guts.

According to fellow comedian Yohance Collins Twitter, Ceelo performed at the Uptown Comedy club in Atlanta. Supposedly, he did pretty good. Makes sense though, he is pretty talented so I imagine he could do a lot.

So is DMX auditioning for one of Miley’s twerking bears or what? The 67 year old former rapper was spotted getting loose in a Ramada Inn. No info as to why he was there, maybe they had a sale on crack. I’m not surprised though after what I saw on Iyanla Fix My Life. He’s clearly too far gone off the drugs to make a reasonable come back to just living, let alone the rap game.

I think this is hilarious because I’m pretty sure if this wasn’t drug related it would have been a hilarious prank. It’s sad to watch though as a young harlot, I would watch Belly
and pelvic thrust as he would grunt and things throughout the movie. I hope he can get some help soon though, it’s like watching a train crash.

Like on a serious note, what the hell is wrong with Beyonce’s fans? I love Beyonce, I even gave her a birthday shout out on Twitter. But, I’m not about to grab her like she owes me some rent money. That’s just looney as hell. Like take your meds, smoke a blunt, something before you go to the concert. So you can control your crazy enough to not be snatching at this lady like she got the last ticket to heaven.

We all know Queen Bey was in mid lip-sync so she had to carry on wasn’t like she could stop and cuss the fool out. I’m glad he just aint get my boo’s lace front. This is my plea to all of Bey’s fans who are looney tunes please don’t hurt her. We need her…

How can you not love this face? I mean I tingle and my heart does a jingle just looking at it. Here are my reasons for James Harden being my #MCW (Man Crush Wednesday)… First of all, if it could work for Andre Drummond and Jenette Mccurdy why not me?!

!. James looks like he he’s nonchalant, he didn’t even comb his hair…
2. James is known to pay a few bills and Lord knows Im tired of my mom’s basement.
3. James is in the NBA I don’t like sports but I love drinking with white people in suites.
4. James always has bad chicks around, great opportunity for me to feel on a bunch of hot chicks.
5. James teeth look like they are sharp he’d be great for opening things around the house.
6. James pays bills did I mention that?
7. James loves the strip club… me too!!
8. James can sing :)
9. Did I mention the bills part
10. James aint got no kids!!

Welp here’s my #MCW salute to Mr Harden… Hey boo :)

So apparently Twitter can be used for good. When NBA player Andre Drummond announced his #WCW (Woman crush Wednesday)… Was actress Jenette McCurdy star of Nickelodeon’s iCarly. They must’ve hopped in each other’s dm faster than Warren Sapp hopped in young “models” in 09.

I dunno is this some kind os publicity stunt or real love? Either way I hope they have fun. That is indeed what love is about, fun. All those titles and demands usually end up causing the situation to deteriorate. Well good, there is hope for you young clowns on Wednesday keep the #WCW coming maybe someone will be just as desperate, I meant free as you.

Side-note: they are funny looking together… He got her looking like a midget and thangs let me hush.

Look, I have no choice but to laugh at all the hoopla being risen about this twerking epidemic. In the 1960′s there was a dance called the twist that raised as much attention. Now, there is a large difference between twisting and twerking but think about the amount of technology between the 60′s and now. You would be a fool to think this isn’t as advanced. Should kids be doing this? No, but if parents would monitor there kids more, you could possibly catch them practicing for Players Club auditions.

Well a video elders react, get the reactions of some of them watching youtube clips of twerk videos. All this twerking and Ying Yang hasn’t managed a comeback? Atleast give them their proper homage. Watch the video, laugh a little and pray your daughter isn’t doing it for the Vine.

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