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So Keri, who is the queen of putting her foot in her mouth. Has once again sent out a diss she can’t back up.

Like did she try to write or fcuk Amy and she told her no. She has been shooting soft slugs at Amy since Saturday. See, this picture here she tweeted and said something about Amy Winehouse being ressurected. What about your career Keri? Who will ressurect that?

So of course her publicist hit her and told her to try to downplay it. She made an attempt as grand as her singing to rectify the tweet but it was to late. Her shambled Twitter mentions regarding her TwitPic was already in progress.

It’s something deeper here than these mediocre disses. Is she upset that Amy Wihehouse was more successful than she? I mean I guess I would be upset to if a woman who was drugged out her mind was more successful than I. Does Keri have a grammy, a BET award hell a coupon for a free Chik-Fil-a?

This is a prime example of when you don’t center your anger. Why are you mad at Amy? You are too pretty and successful within your own right to be so malicious and petty…


According to multiple news sources, a toxicology report was ordered by police for Amy Winehouse. This was due to her autopsy report being inconclusive.The singer who passed away this Saturday was a known drug user and just left rehab less than a couple months ago.

I personally feel some kind of way about this entire situation. I feel as though people that get addicted to drugs, usually deal with absurd amounts of pain. I don’t know if she left rehab a while back on her own or did her management push her to leave due to this tour she was supposed to embark. I genuinely hoped for her to get better because I was a fan of hers. I know though from personal history with mental pain, that no matter what anyone says or does. A person will only get better if they want to.

Here is Amy singing Valerie live. I’m looking at her body language while she is singing and I’m just amazed at her “team” allowing her to even look, act like this.



Welp! Last week I told you all that Amy Winehouse was going into rehab. Over a week in and she is already out. Now I don’t know about you but, REALLY only a week? They are saying that she will continue with out patient therapy but she is ready to begin her European tour? I really hope that she is better and not being rushed off to be sent into a relapse.

Well good luck! I hope you are able to control yourself mami and give us some of that great music you are capable of making.

According to multiple news sources the Grammy Award winning singer has entered rehab again. A rep for Winehouse is stating “so she will be ready for her summer tours in Eurpoe”. Ummm ok, who looks dumb here? CLEARLY, not the fans of her music. This lady is sick and if someone consitently has ongoing alcohol and drug abuse issues, it’s a lot deeper than that. How about instead of rehab, a psychiatric treatment facility.

Whatever pain she is enduring mentally, that allows her to numb her emotions needs immediate treatment. Many of the greatest music artists of the past have succumbed to drug abuse. Many of the people who don’t die from that often result in suicide. Winehouse reminds me a lot of Phyllis Hyman.

I wish nothing but the best for her in hopes that she is able to overcome these mental obstacles. So that, she is able to make music but most importantly live life happily.

I leave you with one of my favorite songs, Back to Black… Clearly this is where she is at right now.

STAY strong NEVER give up HOPE…