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Found this gem on Sandra Rose . It made me really stop what I was doing and ask the question. Do people value relatiosnhips anymore. I remember a time when women, used to go off on dudes for trying to holla at them while in a relationship. I think those days are long gone. With so many of us trying to keep up with the Jones’ a many of us will over look the significant other for a little cash flow. Hush money if you will.

If you have no clue who these two people pictured are, I encourage you to watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. It’s just like Young and the Restless, just with random black people. On this show, the girl pictured Joseline, is a side-piece for the man pictured, Stevie J. He has a wife or baby mother named Mimi. The three are entangled in a love triangle, that leaves me speechless every week.

Why wont the women leave? Why if they wont leave, can’t they get along? These questions are deep rooted in more serious questions like, Where is your dad? Or, how stupid are you? But, I personally think we all have been involved in a love triangle. I guess, the question is, how long did you stay there before you realized you were ok being left alone?

I really try to respect people relationships, to keep things simple always put your cards on the table. If you keep it honest, there is still room for feelings to be hurt. Best policy is, if you are relationship and you want to be single. Be single.

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So Deion Sanders called into my favorite morning show K104FM Morning Show with my favorite ladies Lady Jade and DeeDee. He told them that Pilar’s lawyer fabricated or embellished about her wanting to get back together. He goes on state that, Deiondra was just defending him, but she should have took a higher route. Yall just have to be the judge of it, give it a listen!

Zeralyn’s thoughts: This is some real made for TV type of drama. If they make a Lifetime or low budget BET movie can I play the ghetto mail lady. It’s been rumors of him cheating, it’s been rumors of her cheating. Who Cares?! Why can’t this just be a simple procedure like getting your back popped? If they both are cool with one another, and they both want a damn divorce, go get one. All these, TMZ and MTO reports are making me want to stay out of the marriage license office…

If God is the center of their life, give it to him and move on. I’m tired!

I’m guessing Kat Von D can’t let go and let God. Over the weekend the famous tattoo artist took to her FACEBOOK and said a mouthful. She let her Facebook friends know, that her ex Jesse James, cheated on her over 19 times.

Now where I get confused is how you think a man, who you met while married, made you think he would be faithful to you? Or HELLO, Sandra Bullock divorced him for all of his extra marital affairs.

Girl, may I suggest a diary, you are acting no worse than a regualer girl who can’t go to a therapist. Get over it boo, CLEARLY he has.

So I guess Omarion was engaged in 2009 to the very pretty Deborah Ryder…Apparently, along that time Omarion made a song called “I Think My Girl is Bi”. Very interesting, considering that the top story on MTO was that she is now a stud. Well, who here is surprised? I don’t know if Omarion is gay. (Considering that is among the top 5 searches on Google) I do know, that he gives me a very ghetto kool-aid sugary sweet vibe. But so what, I think she is hot!!!! Yay! for the lezzies!

But now I am curious, did she ever play strap-on games with him? Did she always like girls? Did he drive her to be this way? Some one help! This reminds me of Kanye and Amber Rose. You speculate why. Any who! Check out some pics of the two together and a video to his song. He knew then she liked girls.


Well, I don’t know how this foolishness lasted as long as it did. After he destroyed his marriage with Sandra Bullock, why did she even want his ass? Do some of you women really think that you can change people? Or do you even think people change after a few months or years? I am not going to say it’s impossible but not likely.

She tweeted about the break-up, not going into detail. He reportedly told People that the split was because of distance.

Well of course he was cheating LOL I’m happy she is rid of him she could do a lot better. I’ll be sure to watch LA INK just so I can laugh at Jesse lame ass.