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So this guy Swizz Beats basically told on his self… He bought her a car for his birthday. Maybe it’s just me, but twice people have cheated on me and bought me a vehicle. So, im going to have to go with he admitted to her something. I COULD CARE LESS that he is Vice President of the Lotus company. He did not have to get her that, and furthermore it was HIS birthday.

As a Virgo, I know we are capable (yes I went to Astrology) of some grade A hoe shit. Hence, he cheated on his wife with Alicia. I am not sure which kool-aid Alicia is drinking that has her thinking her vaginal walls are so GRAND he wont cheat… But, someone should really get her back to thinking normal. Poor baby… :(

Welp, life for Swizz Beats got rough according to Bossip The site claims singer, Christina Elizabeth had some very naughty bbm exchanges with the married producer. Swizz, is married to Alica Keys who found his ass while he was married to singer Mashonda. (Boy this fool like him some singing ass ladies). Anywho, Swizz and Alicia took to their Twitters claiming it was false.

Below is a picture of the girl, cute girl…

I don’t know, Alicia Keys was having relations with Swizz Beats while he was married to Mashonda. So really what goes around comes back around. (Cues Beyonce). Does she really think he wouldn’t cheat on her? Awww say it aint so Alicia, are you one of the “It wont happen to me bitches?” LMAO this is a mess… The girls seems to stick by her story that her phone was lost, and she told me I was pretty so I will defend her lol. Oh well, people cheat, from Parliment, to White House, to 15th Century men have done as they please.

Maria Shriver and the CHEATER

Well, I’m not sure if having extra marital affairs is a requirement for politicians but many of them do partake in this behavior. Just the other day French presidency candidate Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was indited on sexual assault and rape charges.  The former California Governor at least did say that he wanted his family left alone during this time. I guess he should have thought of that before he was getting busy with one of the household staff!

Poor Maria Shriver, I can only imagine the level of betrayal that she is feeling. Apparently the child is ten years old. So CLEARLY everyone was all hush mouth, the woman is said to have worked for their family for over 20 years. I think I would be more upset that he had kept it such a secret for such a long time. I mean year after year you just remain silent over something so traumatic?

They have four children ranging from 14 -21, I’m sure they have much to say about the matter.

I think the problem I have most with this issue is that, Arnold is 63 years old. He should know better by now. How in the hell are you old as, doing teenage type of behavior? Men need to understand that keeping things like that a secret  is where women feel greatly betrayed. Its no secret men cheat, but to have a child outside of the marriage and conceal it for years right under my nose?!?! That’s is just down right disrespectful… He really should be happy he is not married to me, his ass would be grass right now.