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As an actual fan of the song, I was a bit disturbed to see the video. I understand the whole concept of dressing up and make believe but its something about this video I was just not feeling. Maybe it was Katy Perry, Maybe it was juicy J. I don’t know, there were some obvious blatant stereotypes, but I expect that from HollyWeird.

One of my favorite people to do parody, Bart Baker does it again in this parody of Dark Horse and actually touches on a few of the funny things happening in her life. Watch and don’t forget to check out his other videos.


So every guy would love to get some obedience training for his unruly mutt, excuse me I meant girlfriend. With the success of Dog Whisperer, I do think it’s rather strange a network hasn’t tried their hand at a tv show about getting your mate on task. I personally would love a show that would teach me how to get my boyfriend to put the toilet seat down, without me having to thump him on the fatty part on the back of his head.

Maybe this will be insightful to couples who need to probably call it quits but just don’t have the money to leave yet. Or, couples who are staying with their boo until something better comes along. Wait, I think most of us are doing that, never mind. Any who, enjoy this laugh featuring some comics.

Fresh out of Lagrange, GA is female comic Janet Dollar. Known infamously for her joke about women needing a whistle the multifaceted comic was just featured on . With her passionate and raw appeal she is relatable and down to earth.

She will be featuring at Uptown Comedy club this weekend starting on Thursday. Check her out in the video below. Follow her on Twitter as well.MzDollarComedy

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like Drake’s music or think he was super talented. However, I do realize that he’s a tad softer than Downy and probably was more suited for the Renaissance era. None the less, I loved the parody mostly cause Wayne and Baby were hilariously accurate. Drake’s Newest album Nothing Was The Same is available now on iTunes. I wish I knew which stripper he was saving this week so I could interview her and ask her about his gifts and bedroom behavior.

Maybe it’s Canadian men, perhaps they got that work. Someone let me know whats popppin in Toronto.

Well, I guess they were trying to spread a little relaxation… I wonder if that was a tax write off? I have so many questions as to why would anyone just give this away knowing good a damn well a thrift store can not benefit from this?

Apparently in Seattle, (does this city surprise you? It shouldn’t) a dumb thrift shop worker found 2.5 pounds of weed in a donation bin. And yes, the rock head called the authorities and turned it in. Where of course the police came and disposed of it. I’m really trying to wrap my head around this considering weed is LEGAL is Washington. So why not sell it thrift shop worker? Where is Macklemore to guide when you need him?

Oh, but wait there’s comedian Steve Berke with a remix!! Watch this parody of Thrift Shop called “potshot”

Many notable couples are said to have open relationships. Most commonly these days are Will and Jada Smith. I mean lets be real here they aren’t the most traditional type of people. But, they do appear to be happy. In a society that heavily promotes sex, we then expect couples to remain monogamous. The term all men cheat is not a phrase that is uncommon. It’s said that about 17% of divorces are because of infidelity. Now that number seems fairly low considering every time I turn to a talk show cheating is the prevalent topic. Every relationship I have been in there was cheating, on either my part or theirs, yet and still I go into every hopeful. So I guess my question is wouldn’t an open relationship seem so much easier?

I can only speak for myself when I say I much rather go into a relationship knowing you could cheat when you want, than you not supposed to cheat and do it anyway. I feel like if a couple agreed they had the ability to do date as they please, they probably would get along much better. It definitely would alleviate the going through each other’s phones or email. Can’t say whether I am for or against this idea, I do know with the right people anything is possible.

Watch this clip as comedian Margaret Cho discuss her open relationship and other women..

By groupie I’m talking female, never forget that there are more male groupies lingering than females. I will never forget the day I was low key trampled at a Wayne concert by a group of thirsty men. But THIS my friends are for the females the ones with a plan, a purpose driven life. Those who plan to get the main prize not just a quick night of fun. Which, i must say I can respect a chick with a plan more than I can one who is just doing these guys for the hell of it.

Anywho watch the clip with comedians Janet Dollar, Karlous Miller and myself. Shot by Lonnie with Funarios a part of Two Girls And A Fork Comedy.

Say What? Cee-Lo Green the rapper, singer, actor, producer and current judge on The Voice is trying to add another accolade to his list. Dare we say stand -up comedian… That’s right, the 39 year old has done something so many people aspire to do but just don’t have the guts.

According to fellow comedian Yohance Collins Twitter, Ceelo performed at the Uptown Comedy club in Atlanta. Supposedly, he did pretty good. Makes sense though, he is pretty talented so I imagine he could do a lot.

Look, I have no choice but to laugh at all the hoopla being risen about this twerking epidemic. In the 1960′s there was a dance called the twist that raised as much attention. Now, there is a large difference between twisting and twerking but think about the amount of technology between the 60′s and now. You would be a fool to think this isn’t as advanced. Should kids be doing this? No, but if parents would monitor there kids more, you could possibly catch them practicing for Players Club auditions.

Well a video elders react, get the reactions of some of them watching youtube clips of twerk videos. All this twerking and Ying Yang hasn’t managed a comeback? Atleast give them their proper homage. Watch the video, laugh a little and pray your daughter isn’t doing it for the Vine.

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