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Sooooo unfortunately, one of my favorite celebrity couples Jas Prince and Christina Milian have broke up. From what I hear my Houston people say he’s handling it great. Well thats good. Well after they broke up I guess Christina went back to the Young Money stable and is dating Lil Wayne again… (scratches yaki)

According to Necole Bitchie, the two were seen leaving the BET Awards after party together. I guess, Wayne just loves him some women. You can’t even be mad at that. I’m sure however, with the check The Dream sends Christina in alimony and child support she’s just having fun.

Well either way I hope they are all having fun…Check out Wayne’s latest single Krazy from his upcoming Carter V release.

Make sure you are all tuned in to Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen tomorrow where Courtney and Matt will be co-hosting. They will be on immediately following the season finale of Most Eligible Dallas.

According to OHSOCYNTHIA ,fellow Dallas Blogger. She says Matt was caught making out with Taylor Armstrong this past weekend.

I thought they were just friends?! Clearly, we have some friends with benefits going on here. Moving along, make sure you tune into the finale and stay tuned for WWHL :)


Well, I don’t know how this foolishness lasted as long as it did. After he destroyed his marriage with Sandra Bullock, why did she even want his ass? Do some of you women really think that you can change people? Or do you even think people change after a few months or years? I am not going to say it’s impossible but not likely.

She tweeted about the break-up, not going into detail. He reportedly told People that the split was because of distance.

Well of course he was cheating LOL I’m happy she is rid of him she could do a lot better. I’ll be sure to watch LA INK just so I can laugh at Jesse lame ass.

Justin and Olivia..SAY IT AINT SO

One one my favorite singers, Justin Timberlake was just spotted out recently with actress Olivia Wilde. The Paparazzi were on their every move recently as they were spotted all over Hollywood. Then Like a thief in the night, actor Bradley Cooper has been seen with Olivia Wilde for the past few days????!!!!!

Ok see, i’m starting to question if something is wrong with my favorite Mickey Mouse Clubber. Why do all of his women end up drifting off? Britney and Cameron hell, even Olivia. But, both sides say they weren’t dating anyway. (Sure, isn’t that what we all say) However, Wilde recently was divorced from filmmaker/prince Tao Ruspoli so shes probably just sewing Wilde oats right now…

None the less, before I could even get happy for Justin. Bradley Cooper, of  most recently Hangover fame snatched her up. They were spotted at the Hangover II premiere after party. Also, page 6 of the New York Post said they were at a cinema party all hugged up in VIP. Now if you know anything about hanging with Mr.Cooper. You know that he dated Renee Zellweger for two years until they broke up earlier this year.

I’m trying to figure out when these celebs will get the hint to stop have 0 degrees of separation. I personally would not want to be in a room full of people both my guest and I all fcuked! But, I guess they think that’s only right since they’re ELITE… As if!

STOP sleeping with your fellow INDUSTRY peers…

Kanye and Lady

If I could ask Kanye one question right now, It would be. Are you done with black women? Because I see since Amber he has NOT went back.I want him to date whoever will keep him from snatching mics off stage. The raplete has been seen canoodoling with various women all across the Cannes. Most recently reported was the pictures of him kissing some lady on a balcony.

Also, it’s rumored he is dating model Shermine Shahrivar, who used to date Twilight star Xavier Samuel. (Her pussy is winning). Not sure if the woman pictured above is her but here is a better picture.

Shermine Shahrivar Miss Europe 2005

Pretty Chick! She is Iranian FYI. I’m not sure if he is or isn’t but on the outside it is a good look. If Kanye is done with black women, I could see why. It seems as though Kanye has a impulsive and cocky sense of life. That is totally outside the box for the average black woman. Also, if you look at the women he previously dated they were college graduates, with careers. The women he dates now are like party girls,used to the fast life. Not to say there are not black women like that, but most black women want a devoted mate and family guy. Where as, women from other cultures choose to be more go with the flow and not so pressuring.

There is no right or wrong to this, just an observation.