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It’s always sad to see love fall off, the sad part about this story is not only did it destroy a marriage but it destroyed reputations, and a career. Chad Johnson, now currently unemployed has took to Twitter and tweeting all day. Well today, he tweeted that he still loved his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada. Whom, he head-butted and the result was a divorce, the pull of their reality show and him being cut from the Miami Dolphins.

Now, if a chick had cut my career off there is no way in hell I’d tweet her anything but death threats. But, from my low levels of interaction I’ve had with Chad, I get the impression he truly loves her. I am quite sure he wants her back. I do think the major issue they had was with him cheating. If he could possibly prove he could be monogamous, perhaps she would give him a chance. If they still love each other they should try to work it out. Look at Rihanna and Chris Brown, ok that was a terrible example. None the less, maybe they need to have Iyanla come and fix their life or maybe just his so he can get the hell of twitter.

Blah… Give love a chance… check the tweets below

Well well well… According to TMZ … This Marriage had many rounds of turbulence since its conception. With it being said in 2011 she called him the N word and so forth. So they got divorced. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO why is he still with her if she’s so crazy?! Men love a crazy chick.

Apparently the “former couple” took a trip to Costa Rica, where his ex-wife Michelle Ghent, said he threatened to kill her. (I’m sorry all I can think of is whoop dat trick from Hustle and Flow) None the less, he asserts that she is looney tunes and suffers from paranoia. He states she was hospitalized for suicide just a couple months ago.

Well I hope the “former couple” can either get some extreme intervention from a therapist or they need to just let it go. Toxic relationships aren’t good for your soul and can cause health issues in the long run. Find peace in your life.

According to SandraRose , Divorced R&B Singer Usher is kicking out his ex wife Tameka Foster-Raymond . Where she will go no one knows, but we do know she has 60 days to do it. Apparently the mansion, valued at 3 million plus, requires thousands in daily upkeep and is depreciating in value. I guess Usher is tire of letting his pockets burn. Bad joke? maybe… Any who, Usher is said to be having an album of epic proportions released soon, as exclaimed by rapper/CEO Pharell. Hi Pharell :) .

It’s never a pretty issue divorce, as you can see by the constant Deion and Pilar drama the comes on weekly on MTO. That is why, I question would I ever take that leap of faith. Well, heres hoping Tameka can pulled some old stunts, out her old hat box and stop this. Or maybe she should just move on.

Well I guess the odd couple has finally closed their chapter. Perry and Brand have gotten their divorce finalized. I wonder who they will be dating before the ink settles? It’s really a shame to see so many mariages end so quickly. I guess that is why, they are trying to pass the bill for a two tear probationary period for marriages. But, can we be honest here, yall really thought they were good for each other?

Ran across these pretty little documents on Perez Hilton

He noticed her smiley face, thats so damn childish. Yet, funny to me! I am so very happy to hear that Russell didn not take any of Katy’s money. Well, thats what was being said around the internet. However, as quickly as this divorce went either he didn’t want money or she settled. Either way congrats to Katy! Now go make some kick ass music!!

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So Deion Sanders called into my favorite morning show K104FM Morning Show with my favorite ladies Lady Jade and DeeDee. He told them that Pilar’s lawyer fabricated or embellished about her wanting to get back together. He goes on state that, Deiondra was just defending him, but she should have took a higher route. Yall just have to be the judge of it, give it a listen!

Zeralyn’s thoughts: This is some real made for TV type of drama. If they make a Lifetime or low budget BET movie can I play the ghetto mail lady. It’s been rumors of him cheating, it’s been rumors of her cheating. Who Cares?! Why can’t this just be a simple procedure like getting your back popped? If they both are cool with one another, and they both want a damn divorce, go get one. All these, TMZ and MTO reports are making me want to stay out of the marriage license office…

If God is the center of their life, give it to him and move on. I’m tired!

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Well damn! Many sites, (Google if you don’t believe me) are reporting that Katy Perry is going to link up with Rihanna to an island or some sort. Possibly, Barbados or Mexico to discuss the latest events of Katy’s Divorce. (Sounds like some hoe shit to me personally) But, thats not even the kicker to me any how. Russel Brand and Katy Perry did not have a prenup, therefore it is said that Brand may receive up to 31 million!!!!

Girl what the fcuk were you sipping on? You should have kissed some lawyers with some papers and liked that shit. Now this piss poor ass actor is about to get your monies! I wanna know what is making Katy run to Rihanna? Because, this was the same chick, who didn’t attend your wedding. But hmmmmm, did she tell you not to rush into this marriage? Rihanna, is a tad off but she probably saw this coming.

Oh well Katy, give that fool his money and be done with it, don’t sit up and fight it out. See will he just settle. He is such a bum for this move. She should have stayed with that other boy, what was his name? *Runs to Google* Travis McCoy, he seemed liked he wouldn’t have pulled any mess like this. Well, I guess after Mel Gibson’s ex getting 400+ millions and Vanessa Bryant expected to get hundreds of millions. This is a win for the men… PRESSSSSSSSED!

Well apparently I am no fool…As I already predicted, the Kardashian wedding was a complete waste of time. I feel bad for all of those investors, a wedding for 18 million dollars, dissolved in less than 4 months. Hell, and to think people say that homosexual marriages devalues the union of marriage. Sure, so what do you call this a tribute?

I am totally sure that this was a stunt from the beginning. Look at Kris Humphries, he reminds me of Gomer Pyle. You sit here, and really think she was intrigued, turned on and wanted to share her life with this man? Come on, don’t let people piss on you and tell you it’s raining.

Even TMZ reported that Humphries didn’t find out about the divorce in person or via phone call, but through the wide world web. Awww Kim is such a gracious and humble person. Well, with her profiting so much from a marriage that lasted as long as her sew in. I just hope she has a shred of integrity and gives that money to people in need.

Look at their body language in this picture…ick!

What was the point of this video? All he does is confirm what we knew, that he cheated and they couldn’t make ammends.(Now of course he said he didn’t cheat in this video but lets be real here) I mean, I hope you young gals take notes, if they will cheat on J-Lo they they will cheat on you. Even if she cheated, it probably was after he did.(I’m just mentioning the rumors) I’m glad to see they are atleast able to put their differences aside for the children. It’s good to see them choose a better cause. He states that he will “always love Jenifer”.

I’m glad she is rid of him, he was never that cute to me. She should just got back to Diddy, so he can finally stop rapping about her.