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Amber Rose is still trying to get in her last few words of her relationship with Kanye, as if that wasn’t 5 years ago. I checked out the story on NY Daily News. Essentially, Rose told Star Magazine that Kim was a “Homewrecker”. That Kim was sending emails, and pictures (we can assume naked) to her then boyfriend, Kanye West. Supposedly, while Kim was still with Reggie Bush.

Amber Rose then goes on to say that, she did break up with Kanye and Kim broke up with Reggie. After all this took place, (LAWD THE MESS) she then met up with Reggie Bush and they did have a small hooking up session. (Yall smashed in the name of vengeance)

Ok, like what the fcuk? How does Amber Rose, no excuse me, why does Amber Rose feel compelled to share this with the class years later? What in buzz cut hell, does this have to do with anything currently? She says, she wanted to thank Kim for cheating, otherwise she wouldn’t have found her scarecrow Wiz Khalifah. Well, damn bitch if you’re so happy why are you even talking about it?

Oh I know, pick me! Pick me! After the failed attempt at Ford, the failed attempt at a reality show, failed attempt at a shades line. You need relevancy. I’m sure hanging on the wings of Wiz, is not only hard in general due to weight but he’s just not Kanye. I get it boo, you want you own little light to shine, but this is not the answer.

What’s done in the dark comes to light, but this wasn’t the right time or your light to really shine. If you are happy with Wiz go be happy, quit worrying about what Kim is doing. Clearly she has that whole staying relevant thing down to a science… Or hmmm, is this because it’s rumored Kim K and Reggie Bush are getting back together…Blah too many dumb, not needed reasons.

Threes Company

Well damn! Many sites, (Google if you don’t believe me) are reporting that Katy Perry is going to link up with Rihanna to an island or some sort. Possibly, Barbados or Mexico to discuss the latest events of Katy’s Divorce. (Sounds like some hoe shit to me personally) But, thats not even the kicker to me any how. Russel Brand and Katy Perry did not have a prenup, therefore it is said that Brand may receive up to 31 million!!!!

Girl what the fcuk were you sipping on? You should have kissed some lawyers with some papers and liked that shit. Now this piss poor ass actor is about to get your monies! I wanna know what is making Katy run to Rihanna? Because, this was the same chick, who didn’t attend your wedding. But hmmmmm, did she tell you not to rush into this marriage? Rihanna, is a tad off but she probably saw this coming.

Oh well Katy, give that fool his money and be done with it, don’t sit up and fight it out. See will he just settle. He is such a bum for this move. She should have stayed with that other boy, what was his name? *Runs to Google* Travis McCoy, he seemed liked he wouldn’t have pulled any mess like this. Well, I guess after Mel Gibson’s ex getting 400+ millions and Vanessa Bryant expected to get hundreds of millions. This is a win for the men… PRESSSSSSSSED!

*Please note that all of these things mentioned are not to be considered hard facts, these are things that were told to me from a reliable source*

I guess times are very hard in many people lives, specially of that of raplete Diamond. If you do not know who she is please Google. It is said that the 23 year old rapper, was in Dallas making numerous trips on the dime of her “lesbain lover” Olivia Storm while she was dating fellow raplete Scrappy.

It is said that Olivia Storm, is a rapper from Dallas who was promised, a label deal with Diamond’s record label. Apparently, things went awry with the song “She Bad” when Diamond recycled the verse and used it on another track. Olvia, who paid for the track,studio, verse from Diamond was told from Diamond’s people not to promote or use the song anymore. However, Olivia Storm owns the rights since she paid.

Now, I don’t know if Diamond is open about her bisexuality but now she can be. But, who cares about sexual orientation when you are just a fraud ass person. Even if she was not having a sexual relatiosnhip with this women, how are you going to just not let her have the song? Is she supposed to just be out of money, a song and a relationship?

You hoes have no manners…and obviously not alotta money. Below is a picture of all three at a party in Dallas. Olivia is in the center. Also, included is the song “She Bad“… The song sounds pretty good, I’m so sorry this happened to Olivia… This is a dirty industry.

So yesterday I stumbled across, a Twitter fued that ended IMO hilariously!!!

While lurking yesterday I saw a RT on my timeline about @beautiful972. She was telling a girl that she got money because she spent $300 on hair and $175 on contacts. Yes I know, hold your comments. Then the girl she was arguing with @_thickiRicardo, stated that she didn’t like the girl and that she wasn’t sh*t for throwing up on her boyfriend d*ck while giving him head…

Anywho then the video surfaced that you can watch VIDEOHERE.

It’s definitely not safe work…She is fully aware that it is online and does not care. Hence, why I posted it. She says that it was a long time ago and with her boyfriend. I don’t really care about all that I just want to know why suck it soo, to the point you have to throw up? Oh and this background hunni, I have seen refugee camps look more appealing.

Yep thats the Twitter drama breakdown, stay tuned… I have more!

You know, I will be so happy when all this reality sh*t comes to an end. I understand, no matter what class of women are they will be dramatic. But, I would love to imagine that rich women live less chaotic. I guess not. In this season, a couple new faces are added Dana Wilkey and Brandi Glanville. It’s death threats and Crystal Meth allegations…Just watch the trailer, and prepare yourself for a season full of fabulousness and ghetto mentalities.

When LOVE goes WRONG


If you havent heard already… Joe Budden(raplete) released a song about his relationship with Esther Baxter (mild video vixen). The whole issue is because  he made a rap song talking about how she was pregnant with his baby and was cheating on him with Derrick Ward (mild raplete). Now I don’t know about you but I think its about time someone expose these hoes for what they are. This is not to say, I believe he is 100% guilt free. I’m sure he was knocking down someone too, but he wasn’t pregnant.

Why do industry people seek out to date other industry people? To keep your fame up? I hope not…That’s pretty sad. I always hear famous couples saying “I need someone who understands my schedule and that I have fans”… SHUT THE FCUK UP! People have common sense, and if you are with a secure partner no matter what instance is thrown their way they will trust you. Well, until the other party destroys the trust level.

I also saw alot of people saying Budden was emotional and acting like a bitch for putting their business out. I have to disagree, it was HIS business the man is hurt so it was his choice.  Hes also an artist, most artists use pain as a muse for their work. But, no one says anything to Eminem who constantly rants about his dealings with his ex Kim. Is this because we have a sense of “BLACK MEN MUST BE TOUGH” in our community? We think men are soft for crying or expressing their feelings. However, isn’t that human nature?

Personally, I’m all for calling someone out…Especially, when they have wronged you to a degree where you have to expose them to feel better. I wish him some better look he constantly has issues with these video chicks..Here’s some advice get a regular chick Joe…