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I took this picture from SandraRose.I think she may have a little crushy on Savannah, she always likes to report on her lol *jealous* Anywho, Seems as if Lebron is ready to step away from the Baby Daddy Syndrome and enter Man side. He proposed to the mother of his two kids, and hit her with a very large rock indeed! I don’t have the logistics as far as cost, clarity, cut. But, it looks to be a very nice setting from the picture shown.

I hope he doesn’t pull a Carmello, and wait even more years to finally walk down the aisle with her. She seems to be a pretty cool chick, past all those Rashard Lewis rumors. I love the fact she’s at the game with regular clothes on. When I go to games, I wear regular clothes and minimal make-up. No need to do thee most. For what? Specially in her case, she caught her a baller. Why do the extraness if that’s not the lane she is trying to be in.

Good for them, hopefully within 2012 I will be reporting a wedding.

Kim and Kris

 Well, seems as if love and sex is in the air everywhere! Weddings,babies and engagements are all over the place recently. Kim Kardashian the much lesser lucky in love Kardashian, is finally going to get hitched. Like her sister Khloe she will be married in to the NBA… Now that would be a great basketball wives. Khloe, Kim, Lala (married to Carmelo Anthony) and if Ciara can snag Amare Stoudemire! Lets talk about ratings and profit to come LOL E! better not steal my damn idea either…

Any who its said that Humphries proposed on one knee, with rose petals galore. The ring is a 20.5 carat Lorraine Schwartz piece (also noted for making Beyonce’s wedding ring) that cost about 2 million dollars. YIKES!!!! I didn’t even know he had money like that. Below is a picture of Beyonce in her ring…NOW, her ring was 5 million BUT I want you to get an idea of the type of ring Kim is getting herself into.

Beyonce Wedding Ring

I’m actually very happy for Kim IF she is happy. I hope she is not doing this because she feels pressure since, she is the oldest of her sisters and not married. I can only imagine the wedding, i’m sure her mother is on top of it already. I wish her mom would be my manager! She is on top of her sh*t!

Congrats! May you BOTH be happy!

Gloria Velez and David Bowens (NFL GUY) Might need Google

 So this is a semi-blind item… Video chick/rapper Gloria Velez is “marrying” NFL raplete David Bowens. Who, was engaged to Rocsi from 106 and Park. Damn how old is Gloria Velez? I know she used to be with Aaron Hall (might need Google). If you know Aaron Hall hes and old R&B singer. I’m just curious though do these people think they are to good to date normal people? I mean really why do you wanna be in a room full of people you all had sex with?

Any who, good for her if this is true. I’m sure the video thing is getting old. Hell do Artists even pay video girls anymore? Speaking of video girls, where is Melissa Ford? She was pretty…I guess I’m drifting. But quite naturally, its not like this is some amazing life changing news. I will say this, seems as though its not market at all for urban models hardly. I guess that’s why you have to be a stripper, porn star or hoe to really see some profit. Poor Shaneeka Adams releasing her Roots type vagina pics. I thought she was done when that video of her sucking Soulja Boys dick surfaced, guess not. And CLEARLY, people are checking for her I had a NFL player ask me to send him the pic. If you are wondering who I am talking about, again (might need Google).

Well if it’s true congrats to Gloria. But seriously, where is the future of video/urban models headed?