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The Ladies looked fire at the event. I was an invited guest of at Jazzy McBee of Streetz 94.5… She is totally awesome make sure you check her out every morning. I will always be a Trina fan she set the standard of how hustling, trapping, stripping or whatever women should look and how they should get money. Lola Monroe is a lyricist in my opinion. Great talent. Then Tiffany Foxx i currently listen to her latest mixtape “Goal Diggers” I love her phrase “International Hoodrat” Yes, I have done some hoodrat things over international waters. I digress though.

Doesn’t Lola Monroe look stunning? To say she just had a baby she looks great!! Definitely a force to be reckoned with she is signed to Wiz Khalifah. Let’s see what she drops soon.

She’s so fine!! Yessssssssss Hi Tiffany *waves*

Then of course, there is me, Jazzy and Renee.

Shout out to Renee from Rolling Out. She is good people. I got the pics from RollingOut

Artist Sadie Hawkins is definitely pushing to make her voice heard. Just recently seen in the studio with super producer Sony Digital, the SC native now in Atlanta, is putting in work. Still riding the success of Girl Interrupted with Dj Scream, she sits “Cocky” waiting for her chance to really take on the Atlanta seen. I personally have NOT seen any other females in the Atlanta area able to really compete. Maybe you have seen something I haven’t. (Don’t forget to quote me)

With some major things about to pop next quarter. make sure you are keeping glued to what Sadie has next. Follow her on Twitter.

When people often compare female rappers to Nicki Minaj. Most comparisons are based on their look, or their excessive attempts to sound like here. Here I give you Guyana, the Miami rapper has great bars and a wonderful voice.

In this cover of Marvins Room (yeah I know it’s been a million) she displays real life raw talent. NFL player Bryant Mckinnie has BMajor music, which the rapper is signed to. If you have ever been the victim of a chick harassing your man, her version of Marvins Room is relatable.