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So when she heard Take Me To The King, clearly she was like I’m going to gangsta boogie into my mans arms… I really wish I hadn’t stumbled upon this. Mostly because I’m curious was her outfit the slip cover for a luv seat. Now unlike most twerk stars she has more furniture than most and for this alone I am thankful. Initially I was was taken back by the disappearance of her tittays but to my surprise, she turns around and you can see that they have shifted to her back.

All great fat jokes aside, I applaud her ambition. Mostly because mid way she takes to lighting a blunt. My times smoking that Kush I was too sleepy and hungry to dance, exercise, hell anything that would incur cardio. Well enjoy, and if you find yourself lonely tweeting or posting on Facebook never forget you can always take to your living room and get your gangsta boogie on.

The comedy of Lonnie and KJ strikes again as the Funarios team delivers another funny video Ghetto Genie. Lavar Walker is currently doing the The Plastic Cup Boys tour and MillerTime’s Got Jokes. Can we say he’s working.

If you didn’t already know this is my passion… so stay tuned for more videos like these :)

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Lavar Walker (born on the south side of Chicago) is an American comedian and actor. He has had appearances on BET’s ComicView, Jamie Foxx’s Lafapalooza, Robert Townsend’s Partner’s In Crime, and RJE’s Comedy Cabaret, the longest-running comedy college tour in the nation. Walker has also made appearances in various comedy clubs throughout the country. He is currently performing on the Rickey Smiley and Friends tour nationwide. A graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana, Lavar also holds a doctorate degree in pharmacy. Lavar is currently the host of the world reknowed uptown comedy club in Atlanta, Georgia every wednesday night better known as WILD OUT WEDNESDAY.

Currently on Shaq’s Comdey Tour with likes of Gary Owen and Michael Blackston. One of the funniest people I hae met and a great guy to work with. Make sure you check out his Website. And
follow him on Twitter . Get an inside look at the comedian with the video below!!

Well, honestly speaking lets hope your man isn’t in the closet, let alone someone else. This video is just the one of many I will be working on. Hope that you guys enjoy the video.