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Rapper/Mogul Jay-Z has extended his support to President Obama for the legalization of gay marriage. I myself am pretty surprised, only due to the backlash people will receive for supporting this issue. Even though, the country is pretty liberal, it isn’t that relaxed about ideals and politics. This certainly will shake some things up a bit with the under 35 crowd in response to the matter. Jay-Z in a discussion with CNN, stated “I’ve always thought it at something that was still holding the country back”. He basically went on to say what people did in their own homes is none of his business. I think that was outstanding of Jay-Z to step up and support the president.

With elections on the way, Obama has embraced Gay marriage for this coming election. Whether you agree or not, you have to admit this is an issue that needs to be dealt with. Mostly, in my opinion for equality. We can’t say as a country we do not discriminate against race, gender or sexual orientation; then not legalize marriage. I personally feel as though it should be legal, just to offer benefits to people who chose to be homosexual. It’s not fair that they can live in a union that is accepted on by paper by agencies. Are we really free if we can’t marry who we want? There was a time that Blacks were depicted as 3/5 human in laws. It was forbidden for blacks to marry each other, let alone someone of a different race, not that long ago. We can no longer just sweep homosexuality under the rug it has been here since water. So with that being said, people need to offer the rights that marriage encompasses to homosexuals too.