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Seems as though 2 Chainz just can’t catch a break… He said the Feds were watching and apparently someone was last night in OKC they pulled over his tour bus and obtained a warrant. 2 Chains along with his bus were arrested. Not sure what the charges were but I’m sure it wasn’t for being fresh as hell.

Didn’t he just get chain snatched a few months back? I mean to say he has a degree, he’s doing some ding dong type of things. Even if he is just eluding to being watched, he knows that being a celeb, especially a rapper is a target. You are 90 feet tall with black ropes all over your head, sir you know you stand out.

I just don’t understand why after the T.I. and Wayne incidents any rapper would be traveling so wildly. Just chill till you get to where you are going or smoke in the back. BE MORE CAREFUL!!

So Big Sean released a song via Funk Master Flex called “Control” featuring Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica. The meat of the song was Kendrick calling his self the King of NY… Said Asap had on a dress and Drake liked to make love on rose petals. Ok he didn’t say that about Asap and Drake. But he did say that those two amongst others need to step their game up.

The jokes sprayed like an AK on Twitter since this. Mostly everyone is in agreement that Kendrick set the bar. I agree. Let’s see what the other rapletes will do. Oh, heres some tweets with no links to songs others posted.

Tuh!! Well let’s see what this week brings… I’m here for it…Listen to the song :)

These sing is very different to say the least. I’m glad that FloRida stayed in the pop lane. Talk about a rapper that we know is getting that paper. They wanna see the “bubble yum”, are they trying to do a campaign for Bubble Yum? Sounds like something you might just want to work out too or hear when you go to Vegas. It definitely looks like they stole all of Sir Mix Alot’s swag on Baby Got Back though. Perhaps they were paying homage, who knows. Enjoy

Looks as though Sean Kingston is back at it. With the expected release of something soon I guess. Most rappers usually pick up trophy pieces before they launch new albums, mix tapes or whatever. The pop star made sure to show off his inspiration. That none other than the ample booty of stripper/model Maliah.

Well lets hope she can forge a long lasting situation like Blacc Chyna and leave the club all together. Congrats I think…

Did yall know Sean Kingston is 23 and Maliah is like 33 right? Hmm guess old chicks are getting them babies. You young girls watch yourselves. LOL

In case you forgot Maliah’s capabilities *cough* heres a video…

The Ladies looked fire at the event. I was an invited guest of at Jazzy McBee of Streetz 94.5… She is totally awesome make sure you check her out every morning. I will always be a Trina fan she set the standard of how hustling, trapping, stripping or whatever women should look and how they should get money. Lola Monroe is a lyricist in my opinion. Great talent. Then Tiffany Foxx i currently listen to her latest mixtape “Goal Diggers” I love her phrase “International Hoodrat” Yes, I have done some hoodrat things over international waters. I digress though.

Doesn’t Lola Monroe look stunning? To say she just had a baby she looks great!! Definitely a force to be reckoned with she is signed to Wiz Khalifah. Let’s see what she drops soon.

She’s so fine!! Yessssssssss Hi Tiffany *waves*

Then of course, there is me, Jazzy and Renee.

Shout out to Renee from Rolling Out. She is good people. I got the pics from RollingOut

Red Cups are symbolic to the Texas drank culture. As a former Texas resident, I grasp the concept of “drank in my cup, man hold up”. So no surprise here when artist S. Fresh took the concept on his latest mix-tape “Red Cups and After Partys” … While pushing his latest single “Like Me” the rapper, is steadily working on other videos and his GLM brand.

Hosting parties, as well as doing shows has kept the rapper busy. However, he has stil had time to cultivate a fourth quarter press run that would make a veteran rapper nervous. From Shreeveport to Houston, Atlanta to Dallas. The rapper is definitely making his presence known.

Make sure you follow him on TWITTER. As well as subscribe to his YOUTUBE

Dallas, a beautiful city full of life has a plethora of music influences and artistic outlets. One artist on a mission to achieve fame, is The Jett Show, a veteran like myself that has a sound that is his own.

The Minority Report is a heavily anticipated work from the rapper. Featuring production from Lex Luger, Youngstarr and Trackbangas. Also other artists like, Ace Mitch and Big Hud. With way more features on this mixtape, it’s a great mix tape and should be downloaded today!

Check out video, She aint Gettin in and stay tuned for more from the rapper…

*Please note that all of these things mentioned are not to be considered hard facts, these are things that were told to me from a reliable source*

I guess times are very hard in many people lives, specially of that of raplete Diamond. If you do not know who she is please Google. It is said that the 23 year old rapper, was in Dallas making numerous trips on the dime of her “lesbain lover” Olivia Storm while she was dating fellow raplete Scrappy.

It is said that Olivia Storm, is a rapper from Dallas who was promised, a label deal with Diamond’s record label. Apparently, things went awry with the song “She Bad” when Diamond recycled the verse and used it on another track. Olvia, who paid for the track,studio, verse from Diamond was told from Diamond’s people not to promote or use the song anymore. However, Olivia Storm owns the rights since she paid.

Now, I don’t know if Diamond is open about her bisexuality but now she can be. But, who cares about sexual orientation when you are just a fraud ass person. Even if she was not having a sexual relatiosnhip with this women, how are you going to just not let her have the song? Is she supposed to just be out of money, a song and a relationship?

You hoes have no manners…and obviously not alotta money. Below is a picture of all three at a party in Dallas. Olivia is in the center. Also, included is the song “She Bad“… The song sounds pretty good, I’m so sorry this happened to Olivia… This is a dirty industry.