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In efforts to get back to my six pack I had back in the 1960′s… I do a work out regimen when I first wake up… 50 jumping jacks… 50 crunches… 50 squats…25 burpees and 15 push ups… I do it to no other but Jay Z ft Rick Ross… Yall know I’m saved so I wont cuss but just listen to the song LOL… Share your fitness tips with me on the site. email subject Fitness… yall be blessed.

Rapper/Mogul Jay-Z has extended his support to President Obama for the legalization of gay marriage. I myself am pretty surprised, only due to the backlash people will receive for supporting this issue. Even though, the country is pretty liberal, it isn’t that relaxed about ideals and politics. This certainly will shake some things up a bit with the under 35 crowd in response to the matter. Jay-Z in a discussion with CNN, stated “I’ve always thought it at something that was still holding the country back”. He basically went on to say what people did in their own homes is none of his business. I think that was outstanding of Jay-Z to step up and support the president.

With elections on the way, Obama has embraced Gay marriage for this coming election. Whether you agree or not, you have to admit this is an issue that needs to be dealt with. Mostly, in my opinion for equality. We can’t say as a country we do not discriminate against race, gender or sexual orientation; then not legalize marriage. I personally feel as though it should be legal, just to offer benefits to people who chose to be homosexual. It’s not fair that they can live in a union that is accepted on by paper by agencies. Are we really free if we can’t marry who we want? There was a time that Blacks were depicted as 3/5 human in laws. It was forbidden for blacks to marry each other, let alone someone of a different race, not that long ago. We can no longer just sweep homosexuality under the rug it has been here since water. So with that being said, people need to offer the rights that marriage encompasses to homosexuals too.

Awwww! Everyone say Happy Birthday to Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce’ and Jay-Z’s daughter that was born last night. According to a tweet from Solange, she is the “most beautiful girl in the world.” I am sure she is gorgeous indeed. Born at Lenox Hill hospital in New york, the baby is a New Yorker!

Gwyneth Paltrow tweeted, “Welcome to the world Blue”… Am I late? I didn’t know Gwyneth and the Carters were even all that close… Any who, hopefully this will squash any rumors that Beyonce was not pregnant…

Designer Tory Burch (One of my personal faves) opened up a Flagship Store on Madison Ave yesterday. In attendance was Beyonce, Estelle, Jay-Z, Paula Patton, Serena Williams, Baron Davis and more. The American designer who is 45, began her label in 2004 and was endorsed heavily by Oprah Winfrey.

Above is Rachell and Baron Davis.

Then there was Estelle, not to be confused with ol girl from Dirty Money.

Tory with Hov.

Yes, Beyonce…

Awww I just want to take this time to say congrats Bey! She showed up to the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet, holding her baby bump ever so gently. I am still trying to figure out how she got so big..But hey, I suck my stomach in all the time LMAO.

I am sure her and Mr.Carter were to happy to stunt on everyone with that delivery of news. I am still trying to figure out what made her her drop the mic at the end of her performance like Sexual Chocolate. Let’s talk about Extra…But this is Beyonce, who is the same astrological sign as Michael Jackson. So NO ONE be surprised when she is drapping Hermes scarves over the baby.

Anywho, congrats I wonder what it will look like? Hopefully her.

All hail the queen!!! The 30 year old singer gets in depth with InStyle about friends, family, and possible motherhood. I am happy to see this side of Beyonce, considering for years we thought she was just a puppet. Or maybe that was just me. Now, I read somewhere, that Jay-Z is comparing her to the second coming of Michael Jackson. Umm sir, I love you both but how bout you NOT go around making that comparison. YES, she is the only singer who can dance, sing and perform beautifully live. BUT, let’s be real here by 30 MJ had by far passed Beyonce…

None the less, I am happy she is gracing the cover so amazingly… Make sure to pick up your copy today!

This picture was taken from FRESHALINA. Who is listed under my blog roll for C+D…

Well, I hope you monkeys found what you were looking for, with prices to get in starting at $300. People had been in line since 6pm sources say. I’m mad I learned about it kinda late, I could have got on the bat phone and cooked up something…smh But I am very happy for my lack of attendance due to the fact that Kanye was a no show and Jay-Z didnt even breathe on the mic.

There was no Beyonce, hell not even a girl with a good lacefront. I was heavily dissapointed. I’m just happy I didn’t use my ramen noodle money on these niggas actin funny. I leave you with, Otis…Bye