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As a former stripper, my heart always will be with young girls aspiring to do more than, just shake it for a little cash. Here is Gucci, a dancer in Dallas, Texas. She is a phenomenal pole dancer and is capable of captivating the crowd.

As she looks to make her mark on the industry, she has been modeling and featured in videos. Here is just a small sample of the talent that she possesses. A big shout out to Tripp Wall, who is a great photographer, who also shot the video.
Make Sure you follow her on Twitter Gucci .

Ok so, Diddy was “supposed” to be enjoying his self at the Compound party…That was a welcome home/BET Hip Hop Awards Party in ATL with T.I, Diddy and Jeezy in the building. Apparently Diddy saw someone getting bottles of Grey Goose and went straight Beyonce, Diva bitch fit on the Mic about it. Then, T.I. basically sonned Diddy on the mic telling him to calm down “You got too much money for that shit”.

In all honesty why is Diddy even at the club with T.I. and Jeezy? You don’t see Kevin Liles, Dre or Jay-Z hanging in common areas all the time… My dude, Diddy please stop interacting in areas when your are going to bitch out. Did he not learn from that situation with Shyne? No one is scared of you Diddy, that man might just like Grey Goose better than Ciroc. I like flavored Ciroc but would prefer Belvedeere in a basic vodka. I guess…Watch the video below.

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And TOMORROW NIGHT! Young Jeezy will be at Bella 32… The rapper set to release TM:103 very soon will make his grand appearance. Make sure you get your tickets and sections ASAP. They are going very fast.

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So, I hear that July 26th, which is actually the 6 year anniversary for 101 is the release date. I really hope since the album is completed that this is when this happens… I have been waiting for Jeezy to tear Rick Ross ass (NO HOMO) for about two years! I mean other than stealing pretty much 78% of Jeezy’s style, Ross is a cool rapper in the genre of music Jeezy created. I say created because yeah dudes were talking about selling drugs etc but no one had the delivery, team or lyricism of Jeezy.

Trap Music, was all of Jeezy and yes, Yo Gotti, Rick Ross,Pusha T all rap about the same concept but no one solidified it quite like Jeezy. I really hope he is able to bring back the feel good, motivation street music like he did the first time. Here is some behind the scenes footage from the video Ballin ft Lil Wayne.