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Unless you live under a rock or in a cave, you have seen or at least heard of LAHHATL. The Mimi , Joseline and Stevie triangle seems never ending. As much as I look forward to the ratchetness, I always wonder is this mess forreal? Mimi recently did a radio interview where in true form she goes in on Stevie and Joseline.

“Maybe one day when Stevie grows the f**k UP! –Yess GO IN Mimi!



Listen Below:


As much shade as Mimi may throw to Steebie and The Puerto Rican Princess, they stay winning. Right now the two are in talks for a spin off show.


“Well, yeah, absolutely. We really appreciate “Love & Hip Hop” the franchise and you know, we definitely in discussions about the spinoff right now.”

Hey, get them coins.

Found this gem on Sandra Rose . It made me really stop what I was doing and ask the question. Do people value relatiosnhips anymore. I remember a time when women, used to go off on dudes for trying to holla at them while in a relationship. I think those days are long gone. With so many of us trying to keep up with the Jones’ a many of us will over look the significant other for a little cash flow. Hush money if you will.

If you have no clue who these two people pictured are, I encourage you to watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. It’s just like Young and the Restless, just with random black people. On this show, the girl pictured Joseline, is a side-piece for the man pictured, Stevie J. He has a wife or baby mother named Mimi. The three are entangled in a love triangle, that leaves me speechless every week.

Why wont the women leave? Why if they wont leave, can’t they get along? These questions are deep rooted in more serious questions like, Where is your dad? Or, how stupid are you? But, I personally think we all have been involved in a love triangle. I guess, the question is, how long did you stay there before you realized you were ok being left alone?

I really try to respect people relationships, to keep things simple always put your cards on the table. If you keep it honest, there is still room for feelings to be hurt. Best policy is, if you are relationship and you want to be single. Be single.